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Elbow Bump Party!!



My dear Lovelies,

In these times of self confinement, we are more isolated than ever before, and that can be tough on one’s mood after a while.

Things are changing fast outside, and the most effective way to fight our common enemy is to stay away from it, as much as possible, until scientists find a way to get rid of it. But it might be long, and that means less and less social interaction for the time going.

So I thought I’d throw a little Meet & Greet Party, to try to lighten things up a little. The Cove is absolutely covid-19 free! Here you can still shake hands, give hugs and kisses and you don’t have to worry if one of the guesses sneezes!

Large gatherings are still allowed in the Bloggosphere, so bring your friends along! Let’s share about how things are going in your corner of the world, or talk about anything else to change our minds from the continuous newsfeed.

Please leave a link to your blog, so people can visit you, or share a friend’s site if you think they would need a little attention. Because we need to stay home doesn’t mean that we should feel lonely.

I have been quiet online for a while now, for several personal reasons, but I will make it a point to quickly answer any and every comment you’ll leave here for the coming few days!

Let’s gather, share and enjoy some time together! We bloggers have shown before that we are like a big family, let’s do it again today, by helping people who are alone not feel lonely.

Don’t be shy, come and mingle! I’ll be waiting on the dance floor πŸ™‚


It’s not Friday, but I’m hitting the dancefloor anyway!! Will you join me??

Morgueticia’s special request… And ChΓ©ri won’t mind, he has a huge crush on Katy!!

This one’s for Basil… And all of you, mourning a good hand-holding πŸ˜‰

For my dear friend, Miriam, whom I spent some of my last careless times with!

What Trina wants, Trina gets!! Let’s just hope we’ll take an exit before we get there… LOL

In times like these, it is especially true… I need you! You! You! Lovelies πŸ˜‰

43 thoughts on “Elbow Bump Party!!

  1. We are only on day 2 of our state wide ‘shelter in place’ and Iam already starting to feel cabin fever. I don’t even like going out, I just like having the option. Now I have to wonder and debate if a trip to the minimart is going to get me fined for being out of my house. Frankly, caffeine is an essential for me, so a trip to the gas station every few days for soda is just me living my normal life. Guess the new normal means buy in bulk to avoid the risk of being fined.
    Oh, well. Still here, so elbow bump to everyone and let’s dance to something uplifting and happy.

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    1. Thanks for joining in, Morgueticia πŸ™‚ I totally understand you, I too feel that loosing the chance to choose wether to go wander around or not is more stressing than the fact that I spend all my time at home. We are still allowed to go out, here, but any gathering is forbidden (we can even call the police, if neighbours are having people over for dinner!!). Stressful times, to say the least… What’s your favorite song, to dance to? I’ll add it to our playing list πŸ˜‰ xx

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      1. I like Katy Perry’s “Hot And Cold.” Seems like a good enough tune given our weather lately, 70 degrees Thursday, 33 and snow today. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I am going to say hello…and goodnight.

    I have another long day at work tomorrow…and for the next six days! (I have just worked eleven days in a row!) NHS staff should all get a bonus or an MBE or something at the end of this!
    Slightly on the tired side, but it is a joy to see the posts from other bloggers who are showing unselfish love and appreciation for the preciousness of life by wash wash washing their hands and social distancing or self-isolating.


    For anyone who does not know my blog CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE), I am going to share a post that sums up how I was feeling at the start of 2020:

    I was worried because I was supposed to be going to all sorts of public events with Jack throughout the next few months and was scared in case the kind of cruel comments I had five years ago when Jack and I were flatmates came again. But for now…I don’t need to worry about being seen at public events with Jack…because they are all cancelled. I get to just enjoy being his without anyone else analysing us!

    However…but the time the danger has passed us by, I am sure I will be glad to be back at parties and public events besides Jack and I won’t be worried what anyone thinks.

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    1. Dear Caramel, thank you so much for your hard work!! We should all have immense respect for all the people taking care of our health! It must be scary to be on the frontline, but we need you, and as our Prime Minister calls the Health System workers, you are our guarding angels!!

      It is reassuring to see the wave of solidarity and love… We will all need it, as the virus keeps spreading. Hopefully, it will bring us all, humans, closer together after fighting a common enemy!

      I am glad this crisis has a silver lining for you πŸ˜‰ I was aware that the soon to come public ”coming out” was making you nervous. It is nice that you are getting more alone time with Jack… Enjoy it to the fullest!! And as you said, by the time the pandemic is over, you’ll probably be glad to attend that kind of events, and the public will probably in a different state of mind too! I suspect people might not be as critical as they used to be… Let’s just hope for the best!

      Thank you for dropping by, and have a sweet night! Rest well, and stop by again tomorrow, if you have a minute πŸ˜‰ *Big (cyber) hugs*

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  3. Hello everyone! We are doing our best to stay busy, healthy and productive in our neck of the woods. I’m an introvert with lots of things that entertain me so I am doing better than others with the self quarantine. The BF, however, is about to lose his mind. There is only so much rearranging of the garage one can do!! He nearly snapped at me for not putting A dish in the dishwasher. I think he stopped himself when he realized how ridiculous he would have sounded. LOL. Here is a link to my blog and a Wuhan foot handshake to all ;-).

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    1. Hi there Pam πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining the party!! I am like you, I can easily entertain myself at home (I actually am catching up on things I had to neglect for a while, because of what I had to do outside, heheheheh so there’s a silver lining to this terrible crisis for me πŸ˜‰ )

      I feel for people like your boyfriend, but I am glad he doesn’t sneek out like so many people still do!! Where area are you from, if I may ask??

      Warm welcome to The Cove, stay safe and keep your smile on!! xx

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      1. Mouahahaha good call! Best wishes to you two… At least you have someone to spend time or argue with! LOL I feel for the people stuck alone in their homes… We haven’t even reached the peak yet 😦 😦 😦

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    1. Heyyy, where did my first comment go?? Arghh dang Internet… Well here’s what it said πŸ˜›

      Yup, I wanted to take a break from watching the numbers rising on my tv screen. Enough bad news for now, it’s Tequila time!! Hehehehe It won’t kill the virus, but after a couple of shots, I’ll care a lot less πŸ˜›

      Anything you’d like to add to our playlist?? xx

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      1. We are all good, nothing much has changed in my world, I have been trying to distance myself from the population for years now.

        Helps that none of us are in a vulnerable group, so while we might catch it, chances are we will all be fine. Just need to stay away from the rest of my family (all in vulnerable groups) and try and keep Monkey happy while we stay indoors as much as possible.

        I hope you and cheri are ok, I have been thinking about you and how tough this is going to be, so sending lots and lots of kisses, but from a distant

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      2. I’m so glad that you’re all doing well πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking about you too! I figured the self isolation probably wouldn’t be a big annoyance for you, for some reason πŸ˜›

        Things are weird here… and rather scary, because we don’t have that many declared cases so far, but the governement keeps warning us that the wave will hit soon. Luckily, I packed up enough food to stay away from stores, and by Tuesday, both ChΓ©ri and I will work from home. So we basically won’t go out anymore.

        This is greatly reassuring, because ChΓ©ri’s condition makes him very vulnerable… Since we’re both healthy now, and won’t get out of the apartment unless necessary, things should be all good. I just hope my family will be as careful, so we can just be patient and wait for all of this to be over.

        It sucks, though, because I was coming to London in May… I hadn’t told anyone, because it was supposed to be a very short trip… I wanted to get in touch and try to visit you. But I guess we’ll have to try again later… *sigh*

        *Big (cyber) hugs*

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      3. I think we are about 2 weeks away from the peak in the UK. Although judging from the idiots that were out and about today it is going to hit us hard. We seem to have the mentality of its alright Jack and can’t seem to get through if people don’t start observing self isolating and stop panic buying, then the government are going to lock us down and that is going to be shit (well for everyone but me)

        Working from home is really going to help, also try and get deliveries delivered, if you know any of your neighbours, maybe one of those will do your shop for you? I can imagine you are worried about your Dad as well.

        Trust me, when I say you want to avoid the UK, we are a bunch of idiots who are going to make this a whole lot worse, although I am gutted I am going to miss you.

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      4. Ohhh Dumbasses are everywhere… They spread faster than ovid-19!! LOL

        I do have a grocery store that delivers, and so does our pharmacy. I stocked (reasonably) on canned goods just in case, a couple of weeks back, and now we have anything fresh we need delivered to our door. So unless things get really ugly, we should be all good πŸ™‚

        Yeah, it’s a shame about the trip… I was really excited that we might meet face to face! But we’re only postponing… I WILL knock on your door, one of these days… Mouhahahahahahaha

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      5. You don’t answer your phone… You don’t answer your door… Stop pretending you like me so much!! LOL

        The online bookings are getting crazy here too, but I’m a clever gal… ChΓ©ri and I book dates alternatively, so we can get groceries on a regular basis πŸ˜› My system works so far, but I have a feeling I’ll be glad I stocked up at some point when things get worse….

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      6. Mouahahahaha… No offense taken, I’m just teasing you, Fabulous πŸ˜‰

        Don’t worry about your stock, I have our ticket for Tuesday’s draw. 65 millions, I should be able to get a few things delivered to you πŸ˜›

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      1. Thank you for sharing… I’m sure people will find it usefull in these crazy times πŸ™‚ – Ok, you got that song in my head now, LOL Good thing it’s a great tune πŸ™‚

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  4. Hey lovely, it’s so hard to believe this time last month you were here. So much has changed in such a short period of time. Doug and I were saying just yesterday how well you timed the trip, had it been any later it could have been so different. Things are now locking down including all of our state borders.

    I’m so grateful for the time we spent together. So, I guess it’s only right that I share the last post of our trip together. ⛺️

    Take care Catherine and great idea to have a virtual party. Nothing like some good vibes and dance music to lift the spirit and our energy. Count me in. I’ll bring some pizza, cheese and red wine. And loads of positive thoughts. We’ll all get through this together hey. Hugs to you and all your party goers from down under. xx
    P.S How about a bit of β€˜Moves Like Jagger’ (Maroon 5) 😍🎡

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    1. Oh Miriam πŸ™‚ So glad you joined in!! I already linked your song for others to enjoy πŸ™‚

      What a difference after only a few weeks. My brain has difficulty taking in so many things at the same time. It seems like everyday we wake up to a nighmare worse than the previous day’s. Still, there is a silver lining, I think. I see more solidarity all around, and deprived of all outside distractions, it makes me reflect on how little we really need.

      ChΓ©ri and I were just discussing the other day how lucky we’ve been! When we traveled back home, there was no declared case yet in Quebec. Life has been good to us, no doubt about that!! And I am grateful I was such in a ”here” and ”now” state of mind back then. I really appreciated everything that came our way. And now I have tons of awesome memories to cherish while waiting that things settle back into ”normal”…

      Take good care, dear friend! Our thougts are with you three…

      P.S. I totally trust you with the cheese and wine… Could you bring some quince paste too?? Yummmm πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. Living in the β€˜here and now’ is always a good place to be, isn’t it Catherine! And so is living in that state of gratitude. I try and focus on the small simple things that are around us, like the solidarity you speak of. That’s so important especially as things are likely to worsen before they get better. Let’s focus on those memories too, so many of them!
        Take care dear friend. Sending love and hugs xx
        And yep, here’s some delicious quince paste to go with that cheese too! Enjoy. πŸ™‚

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      2. It is the best place to be… A little glance back or forward is nice too, but right now, I’m not looking to far ahead. LOL Then again, I might have great news soon (I’ll send you a private message to let you know πŸ˜‰ ) It seems that my ”Positive year” thinking is still working, despite wild fires and deadly viruses πŸ˜›

        Keep spreading your light, everywhere you go πŸ™‚ xx

        P.S. Nom nom nom! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hello ”Someone” πŸ™‚ Thank you for joining in!! I love your pick, we do need the little extra loving right now, don’t we?

      I have a feeling you are Cheryl, but I might be wrong… Am I? πŸ˜‰


  5. I’d livd to come.Β  Think I’ll bring the Blues Brothers with me for entertainment,maybe dancing?Β Β

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