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Meet and Greet (With a Twist) Weekend! — A Kinder Way

I should have done this yesterday… But better late than never, they say!

Nikki, from A Kinder Way is throwing an all weekend long Meet & Greet party. Nikki is the Queen of mingling events, and there’s already a lot of action going on! So if you’re looking for new amazing bloggers to follow, and you’d like to give your own blog a little exposure, click below and come and meet us, at Nikki’s!


Hello and Welcome to Meet and Greet…With a Twist….Weekend!! What’s the TWIST you ask??? We are here to celebrate one of our fellow bloggers and a VERY dear friend of mine! Eleanor at ‘A Belated Existence‘ has had her book published and I think that is one heck of a reason to celebrate!!! (For a […]

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