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My goals for the next 30 days…



Are you kidding me?

Is it just me, or does time fly by so fast that a month is not merely time enough to accomplish anything aside making sure you’re still converting oxygen into carbon dioxide?


Yes, I have goals anyway.

I guess the question must be about my blogging goals (no one would care about my ”real life goals anyway). So, what do I hope to achieve, in the next 30 days? Let’s see…

  • Keep my WordPress classic editor. I don’t want to switch to the block editor. Thanks, but no thanks…
  • Find a way to be more up to date with my comment replying. I know… I easily get behind, and it is not intentional… I love you Lovelies, and your comments, but I just have to find the way not to let you down πŸ˜‰
  • I’d like to re-start my ”Cyranny’s Quickies” someday soon. For those of you who remember them. If you don’t, you’ll eventually find out.
  • If I get full weekends soon, I want to let myself sink in my fantasy realm again. I know it has been a while since I really did. But it requires a certain quietness, that I didn’t have the chance to experience recently.


That might not seem like a lot. I know. But life isn’t exactly what it was just six months ago. I still need time to ajust.

Just a little bit of time….


6 thoughts on “My goals for the next 30 days…

  1. At first during the lockdown it seemed like I had a luxurious amount of time. But now…time is flying. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! What?? The week has flown away. Maybe I should set some time management goals. Best of luck with your goals they all look like good ones!


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