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Squirrel me this, squirrel me that…



This spring, we started feeding birds to have a little more company around the apartment.

Many of them accepted the invitation… To the point that we have to fill the feeder twice a day to please our feathery friends. Our front balcony has really become the neighbourhood’s party place!

But my favorites, (don’t tell the other ones) Mr and Mrs Cardinal are a bit more nervous, and though they did visit our front balcony, I felt that they would probably like to have their own table for two at the back of the building.

It seems like I was right, and we’re getting frequent visits from my lovely couple. Yay me!

But even if I really wished he would never spot the snack, this morning Bob (I call all squirrels, ”Bob”… Don’t ask why) was comfortably sitting on my garden table, eating all the peanuts.

Now, I’m wondering how to keep my cardinals’ spot, without having to feed squirrels too. Why not want to feed them, you might wonder? Well, for one thing, there’s no such thing as a squirrel. These furry critters come as a pack, and I can easily imagine four or five of them sharing breakfast tomorrow morning.

And it is not a matter of not liking them. Bobs are super cute and I like them… But I also like my next door neighbours, which doesn’t mean I should feel the need to grocery shop for them just to be nice…

Still, I’m glad that this Bob feasted just outside my window, today. It was very cute!

13 thoughts on “Squirrel me this, squirrel me that…

    1. Are you subtely moving over?? Sending me Monkey, then the cat.. I have a feeling soon I’ll be getting lego boxes by mail 😛 You can juste tell me, and move over like normal people do. It’ll cost you a lot less, in the end!! Mouahahahahahahahaha

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    1. She is, indeed! I found out that she’s a mommy, and I think she has a baby to feed, because she’s the only one who came to feast on our balcony table. I have a feeling she’s keeping the secret stash to herself 😉

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  1. We have a bird feeder that is off the ground in our garden and it has a metal stand so the Bobs cant get up to it and clear it out. But the birds drop a lot of seeds and nuts and the Bobs eat those of the grass below. I like watching them . We also have a flat bowl with water for the birds to have a drink and a bath in the hot weather. The Bobs like to have a drink as well.


  2. We have the same problem here with feral cats. Squirrels invite their friends and family? I took home one feral kitten, and three more arrived, lured the the cats food smell.

    They’re the cutest, but you can’t feed dozens of squirrels. I know a lady who feeds both feral cats and hedgehogs. Every creature needs to eat, but I think squirrels manage just find because they eat just about everything, including fruits and nuts that can be found on trees. They’ll be OK.


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