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Baby blue… – FFFC




Holding his phone in the air as if it would help him, he peeked at the screen. She had warned him, but he still had trouble believing there were still places on this planet where he couldn’t get a signal.

Oh come on… I’m already 45 minutes late, for Christ’s sake!!

He had met her on an app his son had installed on his cell phone. He wasn’t really looking for anything, or anyone, but curiosity had always been one of his greatest weaknesses. Matthew obviously knew that about his dad.

Her online nickname was MlleParadox, and a paradox she was, indeed. She embraced her many contradictions with such candor, that he had been charmed right away. They had chatted for quite a while, when she had agreed to exchange pictures.

And boy, was she pretty… She was all curves, and all smiles. Her could hear the soft giggles in her wide green eyes. And he had dreamt about playing ”join the dots”, letting the tip of his finger dance sofly on her cheeks’ freckles.

Everything had gone almost too well, too naturally. He thought she would disappear before he ever got the chance to meet her in person.

But last evening, an invitation was awaiting him. It was succint, but promising. She lived on the country side, and she had left enigmatic clues to find her home…

Houses in my ”neighbourhood” don’t wear a number, but you can’t miss my place; I have the only blue door in the area!

He had followed the trail for quite a while now, and had come across a couple of houses, but they were burried in the ground, making them almost impossible to spot.

Just as he considered backing up, he spotted a baby blue blotch in between trees.

His heart suddenly raced…



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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