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Free meal… – FFFC



Moooom? Do we really have to do this tonight? It’s raining outside!!

Not looking away from the stove, she sighed loudly.

A delicious smell floated in the kitchen, as she carefully filled the small containers, one by one. She then wrapped the little packages in brown paper and tied them up with rope before staking them in her large bag.

She knew her teenager hated doing this, but someday, when wisdom would start to get to his head, he would understand. He could thank her then, for ”forcing” him now. She put the meals on the backseat, and started the engine while waiting for her son.

Together they drove around the city, stopping by every now and then, leaving a meal and a smile. When they arrived near their neighbourhood Chinese restaurant, she turned the engine off, and asked Tommy to wait for her.

She walked towards the old man sitting on the ground, his back against the building.

Hey sweetie! How are you? Stretching out to take the package from her hands Hmmm that smells great, what is it?

It’s some sheppard’s pie, Frank. Do you know where I could find Larry tonight? Have you seen him lately?

The homeless man had already unwrapped the container and was looking for some kind of ustensil in his bag.

Larry? Yeah, sure… He’s just behind the restaurant, I think he managed to make some kind of shelter between the building and the bin. He’s probably sleeping.

She waved goodbye and walked around the restaurant to find the silhouette in the darkness.


Nothing. He was probably drunk. She wished she could take him home, but she knew he’d end up running away, again.

She kneeled and put the warm meal close to his head.

Better luck next time, perhaps. Bye, Dad!




Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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