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You want some snow?

Two days ago, when I posted a short video at the beginning of our last snow storm, Trina commented ”Send it over to me”.

Being the generous person that I am, I figured that a small cardboard box full of the white stuff would be a little cheap. Trina is a good friend, and we’re not short on snow, so I decided to go bigger…





There, you have it, Trina! I hope a truckful will make you happy… Let’s just keep our fingers crossed, so it doesn’t melt on its way to you! Mouahahahaha…

13 thoughts on “You want some snow?

  1. Great joke, Cyranny 😀
    We have had two days with heavy weather in parts of Spain. Snow, huge waves and rain in areas, where we don’t use to see snow. Close to where I live. We only had hard rain and thunderstorms here.

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    1. Hahahaha I wish I had enough money to send Trina a box of real snow 😛

      Weather is going crazy all over the world, I can’t believe that some country leaders still deny that something is going terribly wrong. I hope Mother Nature is more clement now 🙂

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