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Liberty Theatre – FFFC



Bernie turned the ”Open-Closed” sign over, in the window.

His cinema wasn’t exactly what most people expected nowadays, with the big chain restaurants and the arcades to entertain kids while waiting for the screening. But it was just perfect for him.

The movie theatre was almost in ruins, when he had saved it. The city was about to destroy the building when he had bought it, and come to think about it, it was a real catch. Three screens, he shot less than recent movies on. But it wasn’t about the films, as much as the experience.

Bernie stood behind the counter, waiting for the first clients of the day. The popcorn was popping, and the different candie bars waiting in the stand at low cost. There wasn’t a lign of customers waiting, but he didn’t really care.

All he wanted was to give an opportunity to the less than wealthy to enjoy a good movie. And to keep a historic theatre alive. Bernie swept the floor, and cleaned the front windows, hoping that someone would come by.

It wasn’t meant to be a reminder of the past, but he had decided to screen  BatmanThe Dark Knight Rises. When the young man showed up, dressed as the Joker, he had doubts….

Bernie didn’t think he should turn him back, but maybe he should have. Moments after his entering the room, gun sots resonated in the theatre.


He fell, his chest hurting.

He was troubled by the stinging and the hurt but he still wanted  to believe his theatre was safe. But it wasn’t, as he died on the clearded out floor. Leaving the to be out for the taking….

I don’t want to let you go…… not now!

His last words shorly followed.

Keep the good movies alive!



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge


9 thoughts on “Liberty Theatre – FFFC

    1. It seems like madness is slowly finding its way through every crack of our society… Thanks a lot for coming over, in the middle of all your preparations for the coming move! I really appreciate it, I know you have a lot to do! I hope things will go as smoothly as possible. (I’ve had the most horrible experiences, while moving… I should write about that, people wouldn’t believe these things really happened)

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  1. Interesting! Half way through I was thinking of how Cheyenne shut down an old movie theater her downtown. It had all the nostalgia and ended up being known as the cheap theater without the amenities of the super mall ones now. It’s a shame the building now stands empty and of course many movie goers can’t afford the larger new theaters.

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    1. That’s such a shame… I love smaller, less modern movie theaters. This story was actually inspired by the cheapest theater in Montreal, Cinéma Dollar. Its owner (who is named Bernie) is a real legend here… He’s actually part of the experience, when we go there. He’s a charming man in his sixties, and he greets every customer as if they were friends visiting him…


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