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Wild dreams… – FFFC




Abso-fuckin’-lutely perfect!

His words echoed against the tall brick walls. He had long dreamt of this place, and had spent years looking for it. By himself… Well, almost.

He entered the football-field sized abandoned warehouse, and walked around, looking up and down, imagining how great that could, no… How great that would soon be. It was a bit crazy, of course, and many people had made sure to remind him of that. But many others had embarked his quest of a lifetime.

Obviously, he knew that he couldn’t count on every weirdo that had joined their group. Many of them just liked his idea, and most of them lived too far away to even consider moving. And there were the ones way to lazy to leave their computers and their comfortable virtual little worlds, to build this.

It would take years of hard work, but he was well prepared. The hardest would be to convince the authorities to let them squat in here.

He kept looking around, visualizing the gardens in the middle, and the housings backed up against the strong walls. The glass-paned roof would allow them to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables all year long, and there was enough land around the building to breed animals too.

He felt excited, and he knew they had to move quickly. Once they would be established, even precariously, the government wouldn’t have a choice, but to deal with them. It wasn’t the seventies anymore, but just like in Christiania, the power of the mass would triumph.

When there’s a will, there’s a way…

He couldn’t recall how many times his mother had told him that. Wise woman! Turning around, William exited the warehouse, a grin on his face.

He had to tell a lot of people, about the very good news.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.




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