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My words, your
Our lives,
Separated yet almost
Intertwined… Might not
Do justice to reality.
Not even close, But
By lying them, we
Offer them eternity.
What we are is
Already fading, whilst
Our voice will
Never dim… Never.
Death may come, sooner
Or later, we’ll
Live on forever
Gods, or simply
Ghosts… Through our
Written Love promises,
Furious oaths.

4 thoughts on “Eternity…

  1. I like your look
    I like your style
    I think I’ll love you
    For a while
    I’ll hold you gently
    Love you fast
    For however long
    It lasts

    But know the truth
    Please know our fate
    All good things
    Have a use-by date
    But just for now
    Can we pretend?
    That this affair
    Will never end?

    I’ll keep you cosy
    Keep you hot
    I’ll keep you for this long
    Or not
    Let’s do it now
    Before it’s cold
    Let’s love
    Before we get too old

    A week? A month?
    I can’t be clear
    I might still love you
    All next year
    To fall in love
    Is that a crime?
    But eternity?
    That’s quite some time…..


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