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Seize the opportunity — It’s Me Saraa

My cosmic little sister, Saraa, from It’s me Saraa asked me to write a litttle something to be hosted on her blog. Since I love her dearly, it was a pleasure to offer her an exclusive post to guest host on her site.

Please click below if you’d like to read more.

Saraa rules, please visit her!!


When I decided to get back on my blog and write again, I thought about how great it would be to have blog-guests, and right after I thought of that, one particular person came to mind that would be the PERFECT first guest, and I wasn’t wrong at all. This phenomenal lady has been part […]

via Seize the opportunity — It’s Me Saraa

7 thoughts on “Seize the opportunity — It’s Me Saraa

  1. What a deeply personal story told through such hopeful words 🖤 I was diagnosed with cancer nearly 5 years ago, but with surgery and treatment, am closing in on that magic 5 years of No Evidence of Disease {NED}. My thoughts are with you as you both begin this new chapter in intentional living 🖤

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  2. Sometimes we need and get a wake-up call, Cyranny.
    Auto-immune illnesses aren’t fun to live with, but it is possible to do much for ourselves.
    Take care of the right natural vitamins and minerals to keep the immune system so high as possible.

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  3. It was a HUGE pleasure my dear Cyranny!
    It was an honor to have you as my first Guest, you were surely an amazing one with the outstanding content you had for us.
    I must say, sharing your story and what you’re going through rn is really emotional and brave. It was a wake-up call for and for EVERY person who’s read your posts.

    Thank you for being part of my life! You’re superb.
    Love you loads.


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