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Cyranny’s quickie!




Anything fun planned for the weekend?




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27 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. The bad news is…Goldfinch is not coming…(that was the plan but it’s not happening). The good news is I have a jampacked weekend ahead, to make up for my extreme disappointment.

    Tomorrow up bright and early for a walk with a friend who wants to lose weight :/
    Then I have to go and help move a load of equipment we normally use on voluntary projects to a new storage depot. That will be hot and sweaty work!

    Having a picnic with friends on Saturday avo…will be a football and maybe rounders or something I am sure.

    Evening I am meeting with some friends who I have not seen for a while – drinks.

    Sunday – me and a friend are going to east London (scary side of London) to an event in the Excel, all because a friend I met in Australia recommended it.

    Sunday eve – I have agreed to meet up with my ex – :/

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  2. Nope. Although the fair is in…I was going to say ‘town’ but it isn’t. This town doesn’t boast a fair. I think it’s the STATE Fair in Salt Lake City. It might be the Box Elder County Fair. All I know is that a woman I know and her husband have both won those humongous purple ribbons that the very best in the category gets. She quilts. Her winning quilt was beautiful and in shade of ocean .. .you know, turquoise, blue, green, sea foam etc etc…I want that thing for my wall!! She’s giving it to a grandkid though. Her husband is a master wood carver and turner. He makes beautiful dishes, utensils, ornaments (for a Christmas tree) and his winning effort was a carved Christmas tree complete with hand carved ornaments. Absolutely unique and very beautiful. But my weekend? Is going to be comprised of staying in the house and staying as cool as possible.

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