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At night…



At night I hide,
Alone I swoon,
Under the flattering
Light of the moon…
And if I dared say
How beautifully he’s writing,
He’d just mumble
That he’s barely mimicking.
But we all see,
Don’t we all know?
That this is nothing
But a show,
For I give him
My humble clay
He skillfully carves
All the bad pieces away
And pulls out
A new masterpiece,
And in the dark I sigh
While pretending to sneeze….



P.S. This was first intended as the reply to a specific comment I got today, but I wanted my ”thank you” note to have a little more exposure. Because I feel like a grateful brat. Grateful, because I am, truly, appreciative of all the kind, funny, witty thoughts you all bring to The Cove. And Brat, because I do allow myself to fall behind, and fail to answer you all, when Life gets in the way. I am sorry for that.

To the person this clumsy piece of rhymery was written for (I think you’ll recognize yourself), thank you. You are the kind of Shadow any wannabe poet would wish to have hiding in a corner of their blog. I am a lucky girl, and I know it!

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