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The last couple of days, many bloggers I follow complained about this site. I had heard about websites stealing content from bloggers, but I never thought I’d find my posts used without my permission.

ALL my latest posts have been copied on that site. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see yours there too. This is frustrating to say the least.

You can report the abuse here. And I hope we all will, because even if our blogs are not businesses, they are our voices, and ours only!


Teresa, at The Haunted Wordsmith, wrote out a post a few days ago about a website that is harvesting the blog posts of many WordPress bloggers. That is, this site,, is likely posting on its site your posts without your authorization, approval, or permission. You can check to see if this is happening to your […]

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48 thoughts on “ – Let’s (try to) kick the thieves out!

    1. I would recommend asking Fandango or Rory, they probably know more than me about it… I am trying to report this on the link above, but I have no copyright, so I am not sure what I can do… But I WILL complain one way or another!

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      1. I am reading about copyrights, and from what I went through this far, it doesn’t seem to be necessary to apply for copyright to have a certain level of protection….

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      2. In a way, I understand that they can’t do anything to stop people from copying our words… But if they get complaints from many bloggers, they should at least contact the other hosting company to help close down this site. I mean, it’s not only your blog and mine… I’ve checked at least 10 of my favorite bloggers and all of them had posts there… Almost as if this site was a searching app for WP posts!

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      1. Hey there, Suze… Yeah, several of us are filing complaints. But, if you read Ashley’s blog or what I reblogged, there isn’t a darn thing we can truly do about it.
        However, I plan on leaving a msessage at the end of each post in bright red. It won’t be pleasant either. Deviant, aren’t I. Heeheehee!

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  1. Went to the site and did a search for me, and some of mine are there too. What is this site anyway? I’ve never heard of it. My posts looked just like they always do, with no apparent attempt to claim them as their own. But how’d they end up there to begin with?

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    1. Probably some robot site, gathering posts from WP…. Really annoying, if you ask me. I filed a complaint to have my content taken off their site. I don’t like the idea of all my work being copied like that without any notice…

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    2. While they are not claiming to own your content, when someone clicks on a link on their site to your article, they remain on their site to read up to 1,249 words of your article before they reach the “read more” button. It makes unaware readers think you have submitted that post on their site. It does not matter if they have a citation or not, their use does not fall under fair-use and is a copyright violation. Some people think it’s a search engine, but the fact they generate the post on their site negates that fact (and cover for it not being a violation).

      When people on WP reblog a post (as one could argue that’s all they’re doing) the original owner is notified of the intent to republish and has the right to decline. The owners of that site are not requesting permission from anyone to repost their material.

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      1. I’ve filed a complaint. I’m planning to bash them on every post I make too. Not much else I can do, it seems. Maybe they’ll finally get sick of me calling them out all the time. Doubt it though. 😡

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      2. Chances are there is not even a real person monitoring their site. They have five registered sites and all appear to be like this one but covering different topics. This particular site gets over 2k hits a month. Not a great amount, but it’s about the principle of the thing. I think many would have approved their reblog. I know my visits from India have increased in the last two weeks which was strange but now I know it’s their bot collecting my posts and it makes me mad.

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    1. It is really pissing me off! I was so shocked to see all my posts there… My words, my thoughts… Displayed and used behind my back!! It is appalling, and I hope people will join in and fight back, even if we can’t do much about it… As a community, I believe we can make a difference.

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    1. I’m glad you did, Candice… It might seem like a lost cause to some people but reporting the stealing of our words and thoughts only takes a few minutes, as you know. I hope a lot of people will take the time. Together we can make a difference 🙂

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    1. It is one of the things that went through my mind, when I noticed all the posts they had copied from The Cove… I am disgusted to see that if we don’t get authorities to shut this site down, even if I take my posts offline to work on the book, the words will remain online anyway!! Grrrrrrr!


    1. Yup… this is absolutely disgusting! Stealing someone’s words is already appalling, but making money off their backs is even worse! I really hope we’ll show them that the WordPress community is not one you mess with!


    1. I don’t think they were aiming at ”quality”… They seem to have stolen blogs that post on a very regular basis. Probably to be sure to have more and more content to rob. It stinks… When I think that they are making money out of it, I feel like they are milking my creativity!


  2. Thanks so much for this article. During a link audit I just found several of my stories copied in full. Yes, there is an attribution, but they are making money of MY copy. Have reported via the link you shared

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    1. Thank you for joining in, Lesley! It is absolutely disgusting to see people trying to make money off our backs, taking our words and thoughts and thinking we won’t be able to stop them… WordPress is a strong community, and I am glad to see more and more people standing up to tell them we will not take the abuse!


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