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Just thinking…



Would you be game to try CouchSurfing?

Most people I know tell me it is ”cool” of me to be so daring. Probably just a polite way for ”are you out of your dang mind??” But I don’t care.

If you have never heard of CouchSurfing before, it is a website that connects travelers and locals who wish to host them free of charge.

Of course, this way of traveling is not for everyone. For one thing, if you are traveling with your family, or a couple of friends, you’ll probably prefer to have your own place to stay at night. But when you travel solo, and want to get a real feel of what it is like to live in the country you are visiting, CouchSurfing can be an exciting experience.

The potential hosts registered onΒ the websiteΒ are usually frequent travelers themselves, or people who wish they could travel more. People with a lot to share, and who are open to having a complete stranger in their home.

Of course, I wouldn’t book a night over at just anybody’s house. I scroll carefully through the profiles, and look for people who had many positive reviews from previous guests. And I’ve never been disappointed.

If you want great insight about what to see or do in the neighbourhood, to eat a good homemade meal at the end of your long sightseeing day, to make friends with people you’d never have met otherwise, considering Couchsurfing might be a good idea for you too!

Of course, it is a give and take deal. When you book a night with a CouchSurfing host, you are not getting a free stay at the hotel. Interaction is expected, and it would be rude to show up just to sleep and leave the next morning.

But if you enjoy meeting new people that’s a plus too. Traveling alone is fun, but having someone to chat with, and talk about your journey can be very nice, at the end of the day…

Some people would probably think that CouchSurfing is a young people’s thing. But there really is no age to try the experience. As long as you choose your host or guest safely, there is no age restriction to the adventure.

Oh, and don’t get fooled by the name of the app. Although I have slept on actual couches, some hosts offer a room with a bed, and I even got what almost looked like a whole apartment once. All the people who offered me a roof, so far, really cared about my comfort!

Have you ever tried CouchSurfing yourself? Considered it? I am curious….

17 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. It is a very cool way to meet people and travel on a low budget. I recommend it, if you like interactions, and mingling πŸ™‚ Oh, by the way, my guest room is open to you anytime, if you ever come to Montreal!

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    1. Surprisingly, you often get a real bed πŸ™‚ I just got an offer for my up coming trip, from a CouchSurfer host that has a private room for me, free of charge, for the whole duration of my trip. Of course, you have to run a little research before going to anybody’s house, but personally, I love the concept. xx


  1. I clicked on the post thinking it’s a new blogging game πŸ˜‚
    Haven’t tried it, but yeah I’ve heard of it and even seen in some movies. It sounds fun. Don’t think it’s trendy in India.

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      1. Yeah people here are welcoming and this is what makes me wonder why I’ve never heard of couch surfing here πŸ˜›πŸ˜›


  2. I wouldn’t go through a website – too scared. However, I have travelled and stayed with people I had never met, who were friends of friends. In fact most of my trips abroad were to stay with friends of friends, and they were amazing hosts. We have had so much fun! I prefer to stay in someone’s home rather than a hotel.


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