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I warned you…



Dang Murphy!

I am not the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kind of girl. And I certainly don’t seek revenge in life… But you’ve just stepped on our toes one time too many, now.

This morning the news were looking really good. I didn’t say anything, because I feared I might jinx Dad. He almost had his transfer home signed, his heart was stable, his blood pressure just fine, and even his oxygen level had unexpectedly gone way up (it was in the low 90s since his last surgery, which is not good at all).

Needless to say I was pretty optimistic.

Was, being the key word here… Because Murphy had to do it again, and Dad went through another bad episode of arrhythmia just after noon.

So we’re taking a couple of steps back, again.

New medication, close follow up, and many more days of wondering if Murphy will eventually get bored with us.

So if you spot the guy in a crowd, be a doll, and help us stop him from giving shit to random people. He’s done enough dammage. He needs to be sent somewhere, where he can only mess with animals and plants!

So, I just want to appologize once more if I take time to answer to messages, and if I am absent from all of your great blogs. My time will still be spent either at work or the hospital for the days to come. That leaves very little time available for blogging, but I will be back as soon as Murphy gives us a break!


6 thoughts on “I warned you…

  1. Catherine, I’m so sorry your Dad and family are going through Hell.
    I think Murphy needs to visit the creeps and jackoffs in jail houses and prisons… Not take it out on plants and animals.
    I’ll keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts… Hang in there, Sweetie. 💗


  2. I didn’t want to “like” this because your poor dad has been through enough. I liked it because when I run into Murphy (which I generally do on the regular), I’m going to beat the unholy shit out of him (I’m talking Little Sluggers, tire tools and a solid, HARD kick with ALL of my ample weight behind itin his twig and berries for giving wonderfully good people such as you and yours such a hard time!!


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