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H like Hobro – A to Z Challenge



Region: Nordjylland

Population: About 15 000


When planning a trip, most people stick to the largest cities. It only normal, since they are easier to access, and offer more activities and choices for a place to lodge. But sometimes, it pays not to follow the usual touristic path, a good example of that is Bagenkop, I think.

And so is Hobro.

The little city, between Aalborg, Viborg and Randers, stands by the Mariagerfjord, and is the home of Fyrkat, a Viking fortress and the Viking Center, a reconstruction of a Viking town, offering all kinds of activities all year round.


Fyrkat-800x534 Reconstruction of a Viking longhouse



Aerial view of the Fyrkat fortress



Fyrkat’s Viking Center



Viking playground


I haven’t been to Fyrkat just yet, but I have visited another very special attraction that can be found just outside of Hobro, Verdenskortet (The World Map).




Between the years 1944 and 1969, Søren Poulsen, a Dane that had lived for twenty years in America, built Verdenskortet piece by piece. It seems like Mr Poulsen started building his miniature world after finding a rock that looked like Jutland. The stone was found after the dewatering of the meadows around the childhood home of Søren.

The rest is history, or should we say geography?

Of course, the main interest in visiting Verdenskortet is to see the (very impressive) work of a passionate man, but there is much more to do too! You can read about the story of the site, and fun facts from all around the world in little stands in the woods around the map. You can bring your own lunch, or try out the Verdenskortet grill.

There is a mini golf course, you can rent paddle boats to sail on the Pacific Ocean… Get lost in the maze, or would you prefer a pony ride? And if your children still have energy to burn, the playground is waiting for them, too!










Now… Given the size of Hobro, wouldn’t you say it is worth the detour, if just for the two stops above? I think so!



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The above pictures have been borrowed on Google, for technical reasons.

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