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Everything’s just great!



Well, make that 24 days, and counting.

I was tempted to name this post “Are you f*ckidding me?”… But I waited a little bit, until I calmed down, and decided that there was no need to be negative.

But yes, today brought its share of bad news. Again.

It is starting to look like a bad reality show. It is pathetic. We were looking forward to have Dad transfered back home after the successful heart surgery… But while I was at the hospital, before my 2h30 to midnight shift, we were told that he was having new cardiac problems.

Oh come on!!

Dad had tachycardia (heart running -way- too fast) and fibrillation (heart not giving a dang about beating regularely).

Up side? He is in the best hospital, and has access to the best specialists if this should end up being a serious problem. Dad is taken care of by the most caring nurses, and has more visit than most of his neighbours… That’ll help him heal for sure!

Now, I am begging you Murphy… Could you please find someone else to pick on?? Seriously! I am running out of energy/positivity/diplomacy.

If you make me write another whining post, I’ll find you and kick you in the nuts so hard, only dogs will be able to hear your ultrasonic voice!

I warned you!

11 thoughts on “Everything’s just great!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear the bad side of this, being you Dad couldhave been eleased last night. But it is a blessing in disguise that this happened while he was still there. There is a reason for everthing.
    (I have no idea who Murphy is, but he better not drive you crazy during this time. That is just plain rude!)
    You’re in my thoughts and prayers as always. God Bless!


  2. That’s why I thought they would put in a pacemaker device. But I don’t know that much about it of course, just my own parents experiences but that was years ago. I wish the best and try to keep positive as hard as it is to do. We all are thinking of you.🤗💙


  3. Aw Cyra, so sorry to hear things aren’t quite there with the heart regularity. But I’m so glad to hear your Dad is in such wonderful hands & yes, Murphy really should get his butt elsewhere. Sending HUGE hugs. Keep us posted if you have the time ❤


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