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Short note…

It is late, but I feel like I owe a little note.

It was one of these long days, when all you do, mainly, is wait… Wait for good news, meaning that you can let your mind rest.

Dad went through his heart surgery yesterday (Thursday). It went well, according to his surgeons, but when Mom visited him in the evening, he was miserable. She wasn’t sure if he kept saying ”I’m going to die!” or ”I want to die!” (both sound pretty much the same, in French)

Today, once out of ICU, and back to a regular room, he didn’t even remember her coming to spend time by his side. That’s a good thing, if you ask me.

Today… He looked a lot better. Of course, he’s still wired like a Christmas tree, and still pees through a tube (he thought it was very funny that my little brother and I, spent time monitoring pee level in his pouch all day long, which is great. His good sense of humor hasn’t been affected by all the cuts and pokes through his flesh over the past 21 days)

I am also glad Mom decided to stay at my place for a second night, despite her will to drive back home to feed her cats and come back to Montréal tomorrow. At least, she’ll get a nice night of sleep before driving back to the hospital (10 mins instead of two hours of driving… I think that a plus!)

I am heading to bed myself now. Tomorrow will come fast, and it will be a long one too. Spending my morning at the hospital, and afternoon and evening at work (yes, I still have to do that too, sometimes :P)

Night night, Lovelies…

8 thoughts on “Short note…

  1. Thanks for the update on your Dad, glad he is doing well. My Mom felt really awful after heart surgery too, but it was the same with her as your Dad, as to the fact that she didn’t remember anything about feeling so bad the next day! I think its all due to the anesthesia that they give you, it makes you forget some things, which is good.
    So glad your Mom can stay with you, for yes 10 minutes vs. 2 hours is a big plus, especially when you are emotionally exhausted as well as physically. Hope you were able to get a good nights sleep!! ❤ ❤


  2. Thank you for the update. Hopefully, all will be even better today.
    I’m thinking you got your sense and good wit’s fro your father. Hey, if starng at a bag of piss entertains all of you… That speaks loudly! LOL!!!
    Take care of yourselves!!


  3. I’m so glad he is okay.  They say and do things under anesthesia and drugs, probably a good thing they don’t remember.  It’s just pain and how it affects each person.  I hope your mom can stay with you not because of distance, but support too.  A neighbor could watch her home and pets?  I Mahoney you’re all exhausted but things are looking up.  Take care of yourself too.❤️

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  4. What a time you’ve all had! The one good thing, as Canadians, is that there’s no horrifying hospital bill to contend with. I always feel so sorry for our American friends when something like this happens and they have to deal with the prospect of debt on top of everything else.


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