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A like Aalborg – A to Z Challenge



Region: North Jutland

Population: 112 000


I am glad to start this series with Aalborg, because it is one of the places I have spent the most time in, during my three trips around Denmark. Fourth largest city of the country, Aalborg is definately a must on your list, if you are planning to travel around Denmark.

Officially established in June of 1342, Aalborg is a beautiful patchwork of old and new. If you go walking in the old town area, you’ll get to enjoy the view of typical colorful tiny houses, and the stoned narrow streets will lead you in the heart of the city, with its many small boutiques and shops…




If you keep your head up, you will be sure not to miss the Budolfi church. The white cathedral stands tall and will not fail to impress, especially if you are lucky enough to see it on a sunny day, on a sky-blue backdrop.




You are a Viking fan? (Of course you are, otherwise, why would you want to go to Denmark? LOL) Well Aalborg has something in store for you too! Just across the Limfjord, you can find an amazing open air burial site, Lindholm Høje.




If you prefer a more modern sight of the city, you can walk along the Limfjord and visit the Utzon Center.




The cultural center offers different exhibitions about art, architecture and design, but the building itself is worth the stop.

One of my favorite spots is Toldbod Plads, but if you decide to go, try to make it just before noon, 3 PM, 6 PM or 9PM. These four times a day, the fountains start playing a musical ouverture from George Friedrich Händels, for about three minutes.




Aalborg is said to be the Ibiza of Northern Europe, and if you like to party with the young crowd,  Jomfru Ane Gade is the place for you. The famous street, packed with bars and pubs is pretty quiet during the day, but when the clubs open in the evening, you are in for a night to remember (or not, LOL).




Aalborg is also the perfect place for a family vacation. With its amusement parks and its amazing zoo, the children won’t be disappointed. And if you want to see Aalborg at its most festive time of the year, you have to come at the end of May.

Every year, the city hosts Aalborg Karneval, the largest carnival in Scandinavia. People from Denmark and the surounding countries gather to offer colorful parades around town, and live shows over a whole week. The entertainment is sure to please the young and the old!

You are on a tight budget? Just take the time to walk around town… Aalborg’s street art culture is very alive, and you’ll find stunning murals all around the city. You can take a guided tour, if you’d like, but even by yourself, you are sure to find pieces pretty much anywhere your feet will take you. I personally recommand making a detour via Karolinelund late amusement park site.

The park was closed down years ago, and now, local street artists gather there to practice the art of graffiti.





Last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite spots, in Aalborg. It is a dear friend of mine who introduced me to the Slotsbageri, three years ago. The small bakery makes all kinds of sweet and savory goodies, but what they are famous for are their chokoladeboller. The small round bread-like pastries filled with chocolate are well known all around Denmark, but Slotsbageri is probably the home of the best ones you can find. And the word is out!

Back when I first visited Denmark, Slotsbageri was just a tiny shop, and I was warned that if I wanted to taste their chokoladeboller, I had to show up early. Many people waited even before opening time to be sure to get their hands on them. But it was totally worth it, because the still warm pastries were to die for!

Now the bakery has moved to a bigger store, and I am guessing it is not as epic to get their little chocolate bread pieces, but go ahead, try them! You can thank me later…



Boulevarden 5, Aalborg. Note that down!




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(Please note that pictures were borrowed from Google Image, for technical reasons.)

15 thoughts on “A like Aalborg – A to Z Challenge

    1. Hahahaha Thank you, Beckie!! I sure could give you tips to keep it inexpensive, still lots of fun! People think that traveling is about costy museums and guided tours… but there is so much to be seen for free 🙂 Stay onboard, we have many other cities and towns to visit!! xx

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  1. Oh this was fun to read, looking forward to your other posts! How cool about the fountains playing music from Handel. I love fountains and YUM! You made me hungry with the chocolate bread!

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Joy 🙂 Aalborg is a great city to visit! It was an easy start for my challenge 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming cities and towns aswell! It is fun to turn the spotlight on all these different places in Denmark…


    1. Thank you 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy the tour around Denmark… You don’t need to go far to travel, sometimes you just need a good story teller to take you away!


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