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Cyranny’s quickie!



Are you more of a ”Black & White” or ”Fifty Shades of Gray” (no… not the kinky way! LOL) kind of person?




I am not the first blogger to start a ”Question of the day” series. I used to participate to Danny’s Let me ask you a question posts regularly, but since he has almost stopped pubishing them, I thought I’d give it a go. We’ll see if I stick to it, depending on the answers I get!

32 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Hehehehe… I was never really on the ”Black & White” side. When people debate, I always seem to find good and bad on every end of the specter… Maybe that makes me look indecisive, but I think I just can’t stick with a totally ”yes or no” ”right or wrong” answer 😛

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  1. WOO HOO. Another blogger “Athling2001” was doing a question a day series and she’s stopped as well. I’d welcome a new one to follow, as I LOVE the short question and answer (although my answers are usually long). And as to the question today? I suppose I’d be a fifty shades of gray gal, except when something negative arises in my life. In those moments? I’m firmly black and white. Apparently I need to learn to mix them into gray to better deal with the situation.

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    1. Well, Melanie, your enthusiasm really made my day there!! Glad I can fill the gap left by other bloggers 🙂

      You bring a good point to the table… In general, I am on the gray side too, but after reading your comment, I realize that when something bad happens, I also tend to go more B&W suddenly. I guess that I am more spontaneous when under pressure…

      Thank you for your answer 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts, when my questions speak to you!! xx


  2. I think it depends on the situation I am all for the gray when it comes to people and their choices but I also think that it’s good to stand your ground and see black and white when you really believe in something.

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  3. Everything is black and white, of course, but when viewed through the haze (fog?) of experience things become less distinct and tend to blend together a bit. It’s always more fun, though, to express oneself in black and white – to argue passionately one way or the other – cruelly cutting anyone down whose heartfelt beliefs you choose to belittle and quoting irrefutable sources to support your own prejudice.

    But one must be prepared to take a philosophical u-turn from time to time and fight with equal passion for the other side. It never pays to be predictable.

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    1. I agree with you about the fun it is to debate in a very B&W way… I enjoy a passionate argument every now and then, but unfortunately, my gray-ish side always ends up making me consider the other one’s opinion, and it makes me look as if I lose the said debate. Maybe, like Cheryl said, I am just too sweet to really be B&W. Although, in certain circumstances, I really can put my foot down, but it is rare 😛


    1. Good point, Anne… I agree that sometimes, we argue to set as Black or White, something that is neither to begin with! We, humans are complicated creatures, aren’t we? 😉 Thanks for joining in! It is very interesting to have these conversations will all of you!

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