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A dang break, please!

I love spending time with Mom.

I love spending time with Dad.

Same with my little brother… My parents’ house is very comfortable, and it is a very lovely place to spend time at. But leaving my own home without notice, and being away from it for a week comes with its load of frustrations.

Today, I did my homework, and checked out how to get a private room for Dad, as soon as I got to the hospital in the morning. The kind lady told me it was better that we’d wait until he was actually transfered from ICU before applying for the private room, to prevent from being charged for a room he wouldn’t get, if he didn’t get transfered for any reason.

Wise advice.

Just as I got to the ICU, on the hospital’s 4th floor, I found Mom teary eyed, and Dad surounded with medical staff. It so happened that Dad had a twenty-some seconds episode of arrhythmia. Nothing fatal, but scary enough that any transfer to a ”normal” room was canceled. At least for another 24h.

Little bro and I had scheduled a ride back to Montréal tonight, after Dad’s transfer. It was just perfect, leaving me Thursday to wash some clothes, cook a few meals in advance, and get ready for my weekend shifts.

These plans just got scrapped when we learned about Dad’s arrhythmia.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am glad this happened before I left town… But buffer-Thursday is gone down the drain. And Mom’s stress level is back up at the top of the scale. And we are no longer so sure that the worst is behind us all….

And tomorrow, after spending the day at the hospital with Dad, I’ll have to leave, perhaps not knowing what the next phone call will bring.

Ugh. Maybe a good night of sleep will make this all better… Maybe, with a little luck, all danger will dissipate before I have to get on the road.

*Everything crossed*

Hopefully, I can soon stop whining about this, and get back to my usual blogging habits. In the meanwhile, I just have to keep putting my energy on what’s most important… Mom & Dad… After all, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be there either!


7 thoughts on “A dang break, please!

  1. Cyranny !!
    I hope your dad is feeling better by now, and that you’re all reassured about his health !!

    Sending you a lot of prayers and positive vibes to get back on track and enjoy the beginning of spring!
    Happy mother’s day to your mom as well❤️❤️

    Love you xx


  2. Fingers crossed. As long as he’s in ICU he’ll be fine. Ward staff are usually not as well trained as ICU staff so it’s lucky he’s still in ICU.


  3. I’m glad he is in the ICU, much better care there. Don’t they control arythmias with a pace maker? I’m not sure of course, but that would be a relatively simple procedure. It’s important you are there, don’t worry about anything else. You are not whining, you’re worried. Perfectly normal. Keep the faith, C. And you can yell, scream, whatever, take your frustrations out on me. I can handle it!😉 Because it is frustrating when we want to help but can only be there.

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