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Good news…

What a roller coaster the last few days have been…

This afternoon, Dad went through his carotid surgery. He was taken from his hospital room a little before 1 pm, and after waiting for long and worrysome hours, the surgeon finally met with us in the waiting room to tell us that everything was fine and that Dad was recovering at the ICU.

We are now allowed to visit him once an hour, for 5 minutes.

It was a risky procedure, and the surgeon confirmed that Dad’s carotid was almost totally blocked before he cleaned it up.

Luckily, the perfusion we feared (blood flooding the area of Dad’s brain that was ”wounded” when the stroke happened, after the artery was cleaned up) didn’t happen. It still can surprise us any time. That’s why Dad will have to stay at the hospital for about a week, just in case. But most of the danger is behind him now.

We got home late, after a couple of visits to Dad. The evening was spent giving news to family members and close friends of my parents’.

I’d like to say that I am relieved, but I won’t be until he is back home. So there are still a couple of days of waiting to come, but nothing close to the stress of wondering if he was going to live to see the next day.

I am repeating myself, I know, but thank you all for the support in all the ways you expressed it. Through ”likes”, warm thoughts, prayers and comforting comments.

Soon, I should be able to go back to my ”normal” life. Back to my apartment, to my job, to chéri and Freja. Soon, I’ll be able to sleep deeply, without fearing a phone call from the hospital. I can’t wait.

I am off to bed now. Tomorrow, I have to arrange to have Dad transfered to a private room, when he gets his ICU discharge. He deserves to rest in a room by himself, without any stranger troubling his sleep.

Then, and then only, I’ll be able to start planning my trip back to Montréal.



16 thoughts on “Good news…

  1. Ouch… Here’s sending healing prayers to your Dad and wishing him a speedy recovery. And positive energy to you, Dearie, with lots of love and warm hugs. It’s gonna be fine. 🙂


  2. I’m very happy for you and your dad. That’s wonderful that surgery went went well and the stroke area turned out to not have blood flow. I’m sure your dad knows how lucky he is to have such a wonderful caring daughter and that he will slowly heal back to himself very soon. Praying for you still always 🙏


  3. A room for himself is a good idea when you have family to visit. I’ve had some hospital stays with large family visiting the other patient and having to listen to their tv all night, etc. Single room definitely preferred when you’re trying to get well. Happy news indeed. I hope our good wishes were a help.❤️🤗


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