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Last night…

Last night before Dad’s surgery.

If you’ve read my blog the past four days, and made it through my one-way, self-centered and quite boring posts, you already know that following his stroke, last Thursday, my father will be going through carotid surgery tomorrow (Tuesday).

I haven’t read a thing since, except for your most heartwarming comments. And I haven’t written anything, apart from these short daily updates.

I am drained.

The maelstrom is intense, and the resting time at the minimum. I feel like we are running an emotional marathon. And tomorrow, we’ll cross the finish line, not knowing if we won or lost the race until the very last moment.

It is time to go to bed.

Tomorrow will come fast (again), and it will be a hell of a long day.

Next time I write something here, I’ll either be extatic, or devastated. I am confident, but not blind to the risks.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing support through these long and exhausting days. Thank you for the love, and the thoughts and the prayers sent Dad’s way. Along with the support of his family and friends, I think he feels that intense aura of support around him. I have never seen him so emotional in his life.

I am truly grateful… And I really hope to take great news back with me, tomorrow.


Thank you. From the bottom of my heart!

10 thoughts on “Last night…

  1. Darling…..don’t worry about us right now. We’re fine. You aren’t being needy or cheap or any other thing you’re are thinking about yourself. I’ve never met a person with such a huge heart, so let us lift you now. We’re sending prayers and love and energy your way and hoping for the best outcome for your Dad and the family. 😥 🧡💚💜💙


  2. Cyranny I’m so sorry to hear about your dads stroke. I’m praying for you and him. That the surgery is successful & that his recovery will be good as well. Sorry I missed the earlier posts, but you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs 🤗


  3. Good news is all I crave to hear. Good news is what you will bring back to us. God is in charge and your Dad will go through this unscathed. My prayers are with you. 🙂


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