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Looking back… Day 24.



So it is over.

If you didn’t follow my Looking back posts, they were about gathering random thoughts, some about the holiday season, some not, while watching my Danish kalendarlys burning day after day.

A kalendarlys is a tall advent candle with days 1 to 24 printed on its side. Every evening, you light it, and burn a day away.

I was afraid I’d skip days… Or forget my candle burning and let it burn passed the ongoing day. But every evening I found some time to light the flame and watch it burn closely.

As I let the 24th melt down, I thought about you.

I just wished you well for the year to come… Good health. Enough money to get around without worries. All the best for you and your family and friends. Nice surprises along the upcoming months. Smiles and giggles every day.

This is Christmas day, after all…

And I blew the flame.




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