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Oh deer…



Oh deer burning heart,
Keep galloping through this life
Chasing stealthy dreams!




27 thoughts on “Oh deer…

      1. Is there a name for a double haiku? Perhaps I should specialise in double haiku proverbs and get into the corny greeting card business. Do you still keep a record of these things? Because I don’t – and I might have to buy them back when I become a greeting card superstar.

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      2. If I can trust Google Translate (which I highly doubt), that would be “Daburu haiku”! And I can totally imagine you popularizing the new poetry style! Please let me know when you sign that contract with Hallmark! I’d love to buy a couple of your first cards, and brag about having something to do with your creations πŸ˜‰

        I’ll take extra care of these gems in the meanwhile… I have a couple to add to my header’s page, but they are not lost. No worries there πŸ™‚


      3. Hey. Thanks buddy. I think it inevitable that we both become famously wealthy in the greeting card business. You may recall that Maxwell Smart used this very business as his cover … and, you know, I am always hiding behind things. So perhaps, in another life, you and I might be secret agents.

        On the other hand – I’m wondering if the specialisation of the double haiku may draw excessive attention to us and our plans to overthrow the North Korean regime may be undermined.

        So perhaps we should keep it simple. Appeal to people’s primal emotions during festive times.
        The illustrations may be tricky …
        But how about ….

        Merry Christmas dear
        Gee. I like this time of year
        With you. Naked. Near.

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      4. Mouahahahaha I love it!

        I agree that we would have to choose. Secret agents, or Hallmark stars, but I doubt we’d find a way to do both, succeed equally, and not have one interfere with the other…

        I want the first copy of that one when it comes out! It is excellent πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      5. Yes. The world insists on specialisation these days, and Hallmark might have objections to us getting shot, from time to time.
        Thinking further on my Christmas card, above, and thinking of its less than subtle hint regarding nudity (and the possible consequences of that choice of attire) I have a few follow ups …..

        Do it without clothes
        Do it so the whole world knows
        Windows do not close

        Take me home to bed?
        Do it here and now instead?
        Do it till we’re dead?

        Now we must begin
        Let me see what sleeps within
        Darling shed your skin

        But I am concerned that Hallmark traditionally take a conservative approach to their greeting cards – it may prove more of a stumbling block than being shot at.


      1. I hope he is just taking a break to enjoy the holidays!

        I’ve been doing better the past couple of days. I had a week off for Christmas, and I took some time to rest well. My mood is a lot better already πŸ™‚ How about yourself?

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      1. I’ll work on something πŸ˜‰ But don’t hold your breath, I wouldn’t want you to be too disappointed if I fail to come up with something interesting πŸ˜›


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