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Happy endings…


I haven’t published my “What do you dream of?” post the past two week, which doesn’t mean that I abandoned the project.

I just thought it was a bit redundant, since we hadn’t won a dime in six weeks. But I still replay our ticket week, after week, after week. So, worry not!

This morning, watching the news, I came across a story that made me smile. A little while back, a group of ten people here in Québec, won the sixty million jackpot. One of the winners was being interviewed today.

The man decided to taunt luck, about a year ago. He started writing the name of a woman on his weekly ticket, and made a pact with the universe, that he would give her the money, if he ever won the jackpot.

Now, he doesn’t even know the woman all that well. He had taken a course with her, six years ago and she had been an inspiration to him. She was (and still is, I hope, LOL) the mother of many children, and was driving one and a half hour back and forth, in the middle of winter, to take that course. She was far from wealthy, and just wanted to use the knowledge to better her family’s future…

This week, he got in touch with her, to tell her the good news.

I can hardly imagine the scene. This struggling woman, her husband and children. This mysterious man and two of his friends, accompanying him. All sitting around the kitchen table. And then the big news drop!

“Hey there! You inspired me, six years ago. We’re not even friends but I promised Life I’d give you the money, if I won the jackpot… So here’s six million dollars. Take it all, and up to you to give some of it back to me, if you decide so.”

The woman did share back, but the story doesn’t say how much she gave to her generous donator….

Pure luck? Probably. But I like to think that karma had something to do with this. And I hope Life will like our little plan of spreading the wealth worldwide if I win the jackpot with our ticket someday!

Oh, and by the way. Yesterday night’s draw has been won. Seventeen millions. In Québec. In Montréal. In my neighbourhood.


I haven’t checked our ticket yet. Keep your fingers crossed!


If you want to catch up with my “What do you dream of?” project, click here.

20 thoughts on “Happy endings…

    1. May the Universe hear you 😉 It would be quite the thrill, to wander around the world, waving my magic wand (read debit card) making so many people’s lives a little easier…. *sigh*

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      1. Awwww… ok, definately blushing here, Kate. You know I work hard on taking compliments without adding a “thank you but….” I suspect you’re working to make me bend here 😉 xx

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