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What do you dream of?

I announced earlier that I would start something new tonight…

Drumroll please!

So, here it is… Every Friday, the Lotto Max lottery has a minimum of five million Canadian dollars to offer, given that one should be lucky enough to have the seven numbers drawn weekly on their ticket.

This week, the jackpot has reached sixty million dollars, plus fifty extra prizes of a million each. A hundred and ten million dollars worth of dreams potentially coming true… And quite frankly, my own are quite cheaper than that.

That’s how I got my idea.

When I go through the countless posts you Lovelies publish, one thing often comes up. And it is how money could mean a life changing turn in your personal journey. Wether it is to pay bills, get better medical care, get your children the best education, travel, getting your first book published or get that Louboutin pair of shoes (I don’t get that one, but hey! If it means making you genuinely happy, I don’t mind at all!) you always dreamt of… We all have something we really wish we had extra money to afford.

We can all keep dreaming, and do nothing about it. We can also work our butts off, saving the money to do it. And, we can tempt fate.

I bought a ticket tonight. With you all in mind.

I always said that if I won the jackpot one day, one of my dreams would be to write a big bunch of checks and go to different charities to spread the wealth. But why not share with you people too?

So I bought our ticket, and here it is…



If I get enough response to this post, I’ll replay it week after week, until the interest fades. I know our chances of winning are slim, but we do have chances of winning.

I pay for the ticket, all you have to do is join in… So what do you have to lose? All I ask is that you tell me what you would like to change in your life, that money could fix? Of course, I won’t promise a three million dollars mansion to anyone… But I am sure you have at least one reasonable dream that I could offer you. If  When we win, of course.

It can be for you. It can be for your family, or for a friend. It can be anything…

Comment below, or email me, if you are on the shy side. I’ll gather your dreams until Friday June 1st, 22h30 Eastern time.

Spread the word, if you wish to. I don’t care if you like me, or if you don’t. If your are a regular here in The Cove, or if you are just passing by. If my writing makes you smile, or think a little, or if it doesn’t mean much to you. I am not looking for new followers, or to boost my stats…

All I care about, is to get as many people as possible to dream… To have as many men and women around the world, thinking “what if??” for the coming week. Leave your dream here, as if you were throwing a penny in the Trevy fountain, focus on it for seven days, and come back next Saturday to see what’s going on. (and if you don’t trust me, you can check the results yourself here)

I know money is not the key to happiness. But I really like the idea of having many dreams coming true at once!

I sure will be dreaming about my small house by the water, preferably on Fyn Island (you know where that is, right? I’m sure you can guess… LOL) and the quiet time spent writing without worrying about incoming bills.

What will you be wishing for?

59 thoughts on “What do you dream of?

    1. 🙂 Duly noted, Tony… That won’t be a problem, if/when we win! And it would/will be a pleasure to know you don’t have to worry about that anymore! xx


  1. a mansion with an indoor swimming pool and a helicopter pad. Monkey would like all the lego in the world.

    On a serious note, I would want a house of my own, that no one can take away from me, private healthcare for 6 months and monkey would still love all the lego in the world but at the moment he would settle for the Batman Lego scuttler 70908, I know that its 70908 because we have to look at it everyday

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      1. Well… let’s see… We win on June 1st. I’ll have to wait until Monday to go claim the 60 000 000$, then transfert you the cash… Paper work… Bla bla bla… I think you could move in arount the 15th? 😛

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    1. *Swinging wand in the air* Granted, dear Bag Lady!! As soon as I cash the jackpot!! And what about a check to the firefighters?? I’d love to go hug some US firemen 😉 xx

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    1. Awww you’re too kind!! I’d much rather win with all of you, than have tons of money by myself!!

      And wouldn’t it be a great story… A whole blogging community realizing their dreams… Wawawawawa… That’d be incredible!!

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  2. You are such a kind and generous person. ♥

    I don’t want to clog up your comments by writing a book here… but I could. To be honest, I think that to a certain extent, money *does* buy happiness. *So much* of the stress in my life is due to lack of money.

    My house is so small. Four of us live here and it’s just not big enough for us. We need so much more room… especially for the kids. They can’t have parties here or do much with their friends. I hate my kitchen… it’s too small.

    Speaking of the kitchen, my stove is dying. It needs to be replaced. Actually the whole kitchen needs to be replaced.

    My car/SUV is old-ish and I want a new one. If this thing dies, I’m totally screwed.

    My son wants an xbox.

    My daughter wants one of those giant trampolines for the back yard.

    I’d like to do a few extravagant things for myself… but I’ll keep those things to myself for now.

    I’d like to take my family on a really great vacation… we never get to go anywhere.

    I want to meet Chris Hemsworth and have him teach me to surf. Alex O’Loughlin can come, too… they’re both Australian and they both surf. Yum.

    And… maybe I could stop the constant worrying… and maybe even be able to spend the money I need to visit as many therapists as I can until I truly find the right one.

    Oh dear… I’ve written too much. And I could still keep going. But I will stop.

    You are the best. ♥

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    1. Your answer doesn’t really surprise me 😉

      Except one thing, I would have thought you would have wanted to get rid of that persistant back pain before doing any of this 😉 To enjoy everything a lot better… Should we start with that? 😉 Then, we’ll go shopping for what you need!!

      Wish us luck!! Muuuuah!

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      1. I guess I didn’t specifically mention that because I kind of assume no amount of money can fix that. Maybe that should be part of the “extravagant things” I’d like to do for myself…

        But honestly, the moment I read your post, I started thinking of all the things I wish I could give my kids… starting with a bigger (and better) house…


  3. What a kind offer! Our son is struggling financially, and our daughter has student loans to pay off. I would only put a small dent in the winnings with, say 50 to 100 thousand dollars or so. Is that an unreasonable amount? Maybe with your philanthropic intentions, the powers that be will look kindly on you, and those you want to help!

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  4. I don’t know if I should disclose my dream here, because you would find it kinda funny and you’d find it kinda sad.

    Alas, it would take approximately $25,000 USD to make that dream a reality.

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    1. I would never judge a dream… Dreams are the most personal things we have and I highly respect that. I understand if you prefer not to share it, but if you decide to tell me, you can always email it to me 🙂 I’d really like to know! For now, I’ll just put a 25k check on my list for you 🙂 xx


  5. What a nice idea. 🙂 I would love to be financially independent from my family and not have to worry about the future. I’m working at my Dad’s company right now and saving most of the money, I am lucky that I can either save them or spare on some things that I would like to have but that aren’t very necessary, however it’s a minimum wage so if I wanted to live of it independently it would be rather tough. I could also use some money for my hobbies, like investing in my languages, for example travelling to the countries where they’re spoken. My favourite languages are approximately 12, so that’s quite a big goal. Other than that one of my specialised devices is begging for retirement, so I’d have to buy another one, which costs quite as much as a decent car. I applied for funding earlier this year, but it turned out I did it just a few days too late. So that’s about my dreams. Really hoping for a win for us. 🙂


  6. I would have my cataracts removed. I don’t want big stuff like cars or houses……..I just want to be able to see next year……but for pete’s sake, if you win something…help Sandra first………..or Cheryl……….or Biff……..

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    1. I think my priority would definately be to take care of the health issues… We could go on a hunt for great doctors to fix your eyes, Sandra’s back and my dang head!! And then tour around the world to make everyone’s life easier…. That would be sooooo much fun!!

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  7. What a very sweet thing to do!!
    I would love to be able to help my sister and brother in law as he just got laid off his job that he had been at for 20 plus years!
    Would also love to help my very dear friend who because of serious physical problems can’t work and last of all my husband and I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. I hear its so beautiful and I want to visit some castles and climb on the rocks of the moor. 🙂
    Thanks for letting me share my dreams. ❤


  8. Wow! This is beautiful Dear Cyranny. I’ve always known that you are a kind soul.

    With such financial strength, I will start up an NGO in my homeland to educate the girl child, and award scholarships to brilliant orphans. I’d begin my empowerment and coaching outreach. I am enthusiastic and passionate about helping others, especially the youths to live above self-limiting beliefs and become a better version of themselves. I’d help them rise above the plague of low self-esteem, past ugly experiences and unearth the hidden treasures in them. Most need a mindset reorientation so I’d love to be an influencer, inspiring them towards self-discovery and mindset change.

    I’d love to build affordable apartments in Nigeria for people with low income to rent. And finally, give my family the best life and help those around me who need help. 🙂

    Crossing my fingers that such lofty dreams will become realities someday. We never know. Big wins, Dear Cyranny! Xo

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