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What do you dream of? – Week 6

Good Friday, Lovelies…

Yes, this is still going on. For the sixth week in a row, I bought a lottery ticket for you, hoping to be able to change your life a little. Tonight, the jackpot is up to 55 million dollars, and I’ve got everything crossed.

You know how it works… If you haven’t done it yet, leave me a note telling what you dream about, what I could make better in your life, if we are lucky enough to win!

And wish us all good luck!


Wouldn’t it just be crazy? I bet it’d be the first time, so many people from so many places in the world would make their dreams come true all at once! And all you have to do is say “I’m in!” and hope for us all…


And if you don’t know what I am talking about, you can catch up, here.

33 thoughts on “What do you dream of? – Week 6

  1. Retire The Viking! Then find him something to do so I can write in peace. If we moved to Denmark he would have all his family and friends to keep him occupied. Oh!! I would have a little acreage so I can have a couple of geese and miniature ponies and goats (preferably the ones that faint when they’re startled). I’d make a pond and put up a sign inviting a couple of swans to settle in. I would have a scooter (preferably creamcicle orange) and The Viking would pump up the horsepower and I would run all my errands on it. We would have many happy moments with the ‘new-to-me’ siblings I acquired when I married The Viking. I would have spare bedrooms so you could come and stay with me for as long as you like. We could wander through slots and domkirkes (The Viking is a Heathen and is never comfortable in churches) and eat Danish Hot Dogs and open-faced sandwiches!

    Are you getting the idea that I’ve spent quite a bit of time wishing for a big Lottery win? We buy every week so tell me what you dream of and I’ll see what I can do. :o)

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    1. LOL that looks like plans that have been well thought about, yes 😉

      My, oh my, how I’d like to send you two to Denmark! It would be such an honor to reunite the family, and give you the chance to bond with all these Vikings!! I even found you a house, in Randers… What do you think about it? 😉

      Ultimately, my dream would be to buy a tiny house somewhere in Denmark, and take a couple of months long break from working, to see if I can get something out of this silly brain of mine, that could eventually pay the groceries and monthly bills… Maybe if you win, you can let me stay in your new Danish home, that would mean no extra $$ spent on my dream, and you would get some help for the cleaning and the cooking! 😉 Oh, and I would definately go hunt every slot and Domkirke we can find! That alone would be quite the dream 🙂

      Danish dogs… *sigh* Smørrebrød…. *sigh* As much remoulade as I want… and no one asking me “remoulade? What the feck?” *sigh*

      Oh!! And I would like private Danish lessons… please 🙂 But that too can come at no charge, if the Viking, or any of his family members would like to get entertained by a French Canadian trying to master the soft d and all… 😛



  2. I’m still here… trying to hold onto some dreams. I don’t have a lot of hope but I have to reserve some for this. I am kind of desperate. I want to give my family everything… and I want to be free of at least some of my worries… and some of my pain. Those are my dreams. Well, some of them…

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    1. And I sure hope we can take care of some of that really soon 🙂 I’ll have our ticket checked tomorrow… and I wish really really hard that we can bring a little lightness to your life in general, Gorgeous 🙂 *Big hugs*

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      1. I would really like that.

        I’ve realized that I don’t think I know what I need to make me feel better. Like, in the bigger picture… not the specifics (money, back pain, etc.). It’s the same as my work problem. I don’t know what I want… I never have… so here I am… unhappy.

        Big hugs to you, too… ♥

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