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What do you dream of? – Week 5

Good Friday, Lovelies…

Just a short note to say I haven’t forgotten you.

Au contraire!

I have our ticket, the same numbers we’ve playing for five weeks now. And the draw is in an hour and a half, and I really wish you all, the luck. I wish you, all the luck! You have no clue…

And if you don’t know what I am talking about, you can catch up, here.

22 thoughts on “What do you dream of? – Week 5

      1. Jackpot has risen to 55 millions this coming Friday, I’ll get our ticket later today, when we get out (pray for me to live through it!!) grocery shopping 🙂

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  1. I dream of a home with a nook made entirely of picture windows, set amongst the forest trees. Green, green, everywhere and the dewy leaves. Pillows, seclusion and a giant cup of coffee. Oh… and a trip to the UK would be sweet.

    Great idea Cyranny! I play the lotto from time to time also. I feel like 2$ is worth the dreaming and excitement it creates.

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    1. Awww that sounds like a great project… I am glad to add you to my list, Kira!

      I also play mainly for the thrill of the “what if”… And I have to say it is even more exciting now that I plan on spoiling people all around the world if I ever get lucky enough to win!!


  2. I’m super late… but I still have dreams. I won’t repeat myself… I think anyone who has read my previous responses (or who knows me) knows what I wish for. I’ll just add… purpose. Can money find me a purpose? Or motivation or drive? I desperately need those things. (Along with the back pain cure, big house, and general happiness…)

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