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Like you…



I was walking, lost in my thoughts when I noticed it. It had your name spelled on its unusual petals. A little bit out of place, alone in front of the house. A flower I had never seen before. I stopped on the sidewalk. Staring, and hoping the house’s owner wouldn’t notice me, and ask me to leave, as I bent on one knee to snap a picture.

This beauty isn’t perfect. Far from it. Its petals are uneven and some are a little crooked. It looks a little lonely, and it is definately not the kind we are used to see in a bouquet… Yet, it caught my eye, and I found it Gorgeous, just like you.

Just days ago, it grew out of the ground, and worked hard to bloom. It unfolded slowly and it had to fight bugs. It had to endure rain and strong winds, and though its stem probably bent more than it wanted it to, this little miracle ended up standing. Alive.

Like you.

So remember, when you feel blue and you wonder why you should keep going…ย  There will always be someone to stop and notice you. There will always be people to see that you only stand out because you are unique!

And that, my friend, is a good thing!


9 thoughts on “Like you…

      1. And yet here I am, struggling to get my panty hoses on and drinking coffee at the same time, looking like shit. But hey, I make it through I think.
        Well I make it to work.

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      2. LOOOOOOOL These devilish things (panty hoses) were invented by men who hated women!! And why did they have to make them “one size, doesn’t fit anybody”????


  1. It’s lovely the way you see things… find something beautiful and special when to others, it might just look weird and out-of-place.

    Being unique is a good thing… I don’t think anyone really wants to be like everyone else. But being unique isn’t easy. It can make it difficult to fit in… and to find people who understand you. It can be very lonely. Thankfully, there are people like you who see uniqueness as a good thing…

    By the way… I know what kind of flower that is… ๐Ÿ™‚


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