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Blogging side effect…

After a little over two years of blogging, I’ve come to “meet” many bloggers. And because of that, many nicknames or blog titles end up meaning more to me than just a bunch of letters wrapped together.

And that’s why, from time to time, a street sign, an ad or a line in a book catches my eye. And makes me think about one of you…

Today was Fandango’s turn.




Picture description for the visually impaired; Photo of my tv screen, showing today’s schedule. The point being that the movie “Fandango” is now playing…

14 thoughts on “Blogging side effect…

    1. I’d have to look that up… It was playing on a normal cable tv station here. But I am pretty sure we could find it online too 😉 Made me smile when I spotted the title… I didn’t know there was a movie with that title 😛

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