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Silver lining…


When you think
it is over, when
hope has faded
not to be back again.
When everything
seems blacker than white
and you can’t find
the strength to fight.
When you have lost
all living will…

See the good side,
There’s still someone to kill.


Most of us have thought about it, at some stage of our life. A lot of people come to the bloggosphere to share their pain, try to understand their inner demons, and get some comfort. A lot of people.

I wish there were magic words to soothe aching souls.

Unfortunately, there aren’t. But one thing is for sure… As long as you are there, there is hope.

So if you are there, having these dark, painful thoughts, talk about it! Call a friend, a family member, a helpline. Write it on your blog, write to a fellow blogger, write to me… But reach out before doing what can’t be undone.

You are worth it!




38 thoughts on “Silver lining…

    1. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words… I am a sucker for “witty”, so your comment has hit soft spot 🙂

      I lost one of my best friends to suicide years ago, and every once in a while, I can’t help wondering “what if…”


      1. The ‘what if’ emotion is one not unfamiliar to me. A carry around guilt relating to a friend who did likewise. I had no idea that he was in trouble. Perhaps because I never thought to ask.

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      2. He might not have told you, even if you had asked… Personally, I try not to feel guilty, but to be as aware and open as possible now, so it doesn’t happen again. *fingers crossed*


      1. I’m doing a lot better than I was earlier this morning. Feeling much brighter now. Thank goodness because I couldn’t cope with another day of feeling down and depressed and self-destructive XXX


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