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Colin, from Welcome to my World challenged me, earlier today.

I had mentionned silly baby-blue Hello Kitty ear warmers I purchased for my February trip to Denmark, a year ago. Colin dared me to take a picture of myself wearing said ear warmers.

There were a few rules, though. I was not to darken my face in any way, and masks and paper bags were forbidden!

Game on!

Now, I won’t claim to be the wisest girl around, but you have to know that I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve!

And I am a firm adept of mystery…

So, here is my take on this new challenge, I hope you’ll enjoy it, Colin!




Me… Wearing the ear warmers… Face not darkened… No mask… No paper bag!


10 thoughts on “Voilà!

    1. You are too kind… this picture was actually taken from my back, not to show my face 🙂 I’m not particularly cute… just average I’d say. But that’s not what I rely on 🙂


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