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Spring sparrow…



Met the first
sparrow of spring…
Sitting on a branch,
at me clearly
glancing. Said
dear sparrow could
you carry a note
for me? Could you
put a few warm
words under your
wing for he, who
I would like to
send a smile
to, and if you would
go the extra mile,
go ahead, and bring
him two… The bird
ruffled its feathers
and simply flew
away. So quick I
thought I had dreamt
its very stay…

Until this morning, when
my sparrow memories were
already fading, and there
it stood, on the window
siding, the tiny silhouette
in its beak holding what
could only be an offering…

A simple intention
wrapped in a warm
thought, not even
bearing a signature,
but, putting some balm
on my morning
sorrow, thanks for
your timing, dear
spring sparrow…



16 thoughts on “Spring sparrow…

    1. Thank you, Kira 🙂 I love sparrows… They are so ordinary looking, most people don’t pay them attention… Underdog birds!

      And I did, indeed see my first spring sparrow yesterday. I was so glad to see they were finally back 🙂

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