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In for a little competition?

Ok, I don’t usually reblog two posts the same day… I am not much of a reblogger at all. But I just can’t not reblog this!

First because I think it is a fun contest to join, and second because I know myself! I am going to wait a few days, let the ideas simmer, and when I am ready to send my subscription, I won’t find this post anymore… LOL By linking it to The Cove, I am sure to remember where it is!

So if you’re curious about this competition, just click on the link below 🙂 The 100 pounds gift card would be nice, but for some reason I just like the idea of having my name called in a big bloggers gathering in London. (I know I won’t win… but there’s still a chance!! LOL)

The Bloggers Bash writing competition was so popular last year that the committee is bringing it back (with a slight difference) for 2018. As you may have noticed, there’s another exciting event happening in London the same day as our Bloggers Bash. Although it won’t be as much fun as our event, the news of […]

via Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition: Win a £100 Amazon Gift Card! — Suzie Speaks

2 thoughts on “In for a little competition?

    1. Hehehe nothing wrong with that… I meant that I don’t “reblog” much. Not because I don’t like to share, but I have other ways to promote fellow bloggers, and others are better than me at that.

      I am pretty prolific myself, compared to other bloggers who keep it to a post a day or even less… And I think we all have our own “pacing”… I enjoy following your blog, your posts are usually on the short side, and easy to keep up with 🙂 And I like your humor and your thought provoking posts… So no worries, I’m not planning on unfollowing you at all!! 🙂


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