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I want to be a cat…



I want to be a fluffy ball, to spend my free time on the couch… I want to nap whenever I wish to, to be told I am the cutest everyday, to get away with every silly thing I do… I want to be pet on the belly, but just when it pleases me. I want others to pay the bills, and make sure my tummy is full. I want it to be ok if I decide to jump around on your bed at three in the morning, and then sleep the whole day through.

And I want nine lives of doing just that!


And that, my friends, is how I intend to simplify my life!

13 thoughts on “I want to be a cat…

  1. I would like to be a cute fluffy cat too. Also, when you’re a cat, you can be a complete angel and then a bitch the next second and no one thinks less of you. lol
    Your picture made me remember I got Kitty hugs in a dream last night. I was nice. My cat Igmu used to do that.


  2. Hi, ha that’s what I say about my little dog. Sometimes I envy my dog and wish I was him, without a care in the world. Wouldn’t that be nice, especially to have someone else pay the bills.


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