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After Eight Moments…


Wanna come for a walk? Montréal by night…



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15 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

      1. I hear ya’. Before moving out like we are now, we lived in an urban center, and a great corridor of bars, shops, dining, etc. Could walk to any and everything. Even the grocery. Some days I miss that. And it’s why we generally rent a room for the night if we’re gonna be howling at the moon in town. 😃

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      2. LOL you just reminded me of something that happened a couple of years back (when you mentionned the grocery store).

        The grocery store was about 5 minutes of walk away from our apartment, and it was during the holidays… I was getting ready for some party, and thought “hey! the store is so close, I don’t need to wait for Chéri… I can go by myself!!”

        Oh, going there went well…. But I packed my caddy as if I WAS with Chéri, and ended up with bags so heavy that I had to stop every couple of steps, put them down for a minute, and then try again… Dang, an elderly woman stopped to offer her help! She looked genuinely worried for me LOL

        Yeah, that’s me… I have a strong and stubborn “I can get this done” spirit. Even if it puts me in weird situations 😛

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