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People have hobbies.

We all do. Some people paint, some people like to read books… I guess my main hobby is pretty obvious, and not worth mentionning here.

One of Chéri’s hobbies is to lose things. Preferably important things. And he is pretty good at it. Debit cards (mine is more fun to lose), contact lenses, important papers… You name it, he can lose it. But his favorite thing to lose is keys!

Sometimes I think he doesn’t really like losing things, but since it kindly gives me a hobby too (finding things), he just makes an extra effort to entertain me. Plus, let’s face it, it gives place to quality time spent together, so, I guess I should be gratefull for the thoughtfull gesture?

Yesterday night, I left the office at midnight. Needless to say that I didn’t go to sleep until around two or three in the morning… So when the phone rang at 7h30, I wasn’t quite fully rested, and my thoughts were a little less than clear…

Him – I lost my car key.

Me – Where are you?

Him – In the car…

Me – …

Despite my lack of sleep, two thoughts fought hard to make their way to my lips… “How far can the key be, if you are IN the car?” and “Really? You want to play… NOW?”

The fact that he called me obviously meant that he expected me to join in the fun of finding said lost key, so I got out of bed put on my boots, winter coat and everything not to freeze to death, and I walked around the block to meet him.

I asked the obvious question, could it be in the snow outside the car? He said he doubted it, since he had gotten in the car, and had checked outside already. Of course.

I took off my gloves and slipped my tiny hands in every crack around and under the seats in search of the lost key… I found many things previously lost, but not the key. Of course, not finding the key was not an option, as it is necessary to start the car, which is the only way Chéri can get to work.

After much searching around, I heard a knock on the car’s window. Chéri had found the key outside the car, in the snow…

Now I am awake. For good. So much for sleeping in.

I need to find him a new hobby. Fast.

45 thoughts on “Hobbies…

      1. Yes! Thank god!!! Is it sad to say that I can’t sleep worth a damn when she’s gone? It just doesn’t feel right when we are apart. Like…at all. I’m very glad to have her home, for sure. 😉

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    1. Mouahahahaha after all the time spent on all fours looking for a contact lense in the bathroom, or the office magnetic card researches, I just tell myself that I’ll have leverage on him whenever I need him to do something I really don’t want to take care of! LOL


    1. Mouhahahahaha you would have let the hubby search all by himself? But it’s no fun at all, if you don’t get to crawl your way to the front door, half awake, put your winter attire over your pjs, and go play twister in the car!! LOL


  1. George does the same thing…he loses his glasses (they are usually on top of his head), his car keys (they are always, always in his coat pocket), his favorite mug………you name it the man loses it and I am always called in to “find” it. It is a game they play with us…I suppose it is to make us feel as if we are truly needed. lol

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      1. Mouahahahahaha I sometimes feel like a mom. I constantly ask Chéri if he has his keys, and all… While on vacation, I wouldn’t let him keep his passport… I think he thought I was exagerating… But he DID lose his backpack in a bus! LOL

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