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Guest Barista at Go Dog Go Café

Would you like a coffee with your story? A strong dark roast, or a latté, perhaps? I can even try to make a little design in your foam milk, but don’t have too high expectations… LOL

Go Dog Go Café has published my story, “The Peddler” this morning. It is always very exciting to see interest in my words, and I am proud to share this link to the Café, where you can find stories and poetry from other writers too!


It was an almost nameless little town, in an almost unknown country-side area. With little houses planted, like trees, far enough away from each other, that two neighbours could have lived their whole life without knowing they even existed, if one had no curiousity. She lived in the home her father had built from his […]

via Guest Barista Cyranny- The Peddler — Go Dog Go Café

39 thoughts on “Guest Barista at Go Dog Go Café

    1. Hehehehe far from it, but I am happy to see my words traveling 🙂 Baby steps… A lifetime won’t be long enough to go eveywhere in the world, but if my words can, it’ll be nice!


      1. Ughh… That barista thing is soooo complicated…. ok, what about I get you one of those dentist plastic thingy that stretches the mouth open, so your lips don’t touch the wood? 😛


  1. CalmKate’s over here daintily sipping her Chai Latte, meanwhile I’m in the corner with the dental mouth stretcher Cyranny’s fitted me with, baring my teeth and coffee is running all over my face. Sounds bout right for a Tuesday.

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      1. Funny you should mention that, I am talking with Trina from itsgoodtobecrazysometimes, and we’re discussing going viral with a video of her slapping me around with a dog in one hand and a pig in the other…. And NO there’s nothing 50 shades of anything going on there!! LOL


      1. What I really wanted to say was ‘MORE MORE MORE’ but I thought that would show my lack of appreciation for the beauty of short stories. I get it…I’m just greedy. ❤


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