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Feature at Whisper and the Roar!

2018 is up to a good start, when it comes to my writing…

For a long time, I just wrote for the sake of writing. I didn’t think much of it, considering I was just rambling about. But with the growing encouragements, I am starting to try to take it to another level. Who knows, right?

Dreams don’t come true just hoping they will…

And in that quest to make the most out of all these stories wandering through my mind, I am proud to announce that one of my recent poems has been pubished at Whisper and the Roar! I am honored that this collective of women writers welcomed me in, and you can visit by clicking on the link below.

Time for another happy dance! I wish you all a great day too!


Oh! The days and the nights spent fighting this inner fight. She Paradox, Nitroglycerin poured into a box of crystal so thin… About to burst, ready to blow… slaying in a flash any standing foe foolish enough to misjudge her force, blinded by her deep sorrow, of course! But her fears fed her fire, and […]

via She Paradox. . .-Cyranny — Whisper and the Roar

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