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To sneeze or not to sneeze…


Have you ever tried sneezing with your arms full, on your way to the dishwasher?


Yeah… I didn’t really like these wine glasses anymore, anyway!

5 thoughts on “To sneeze or not to sneeze…

  1. I was going through a buffet line at one of those all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants today and suddenly had to sneeze. I was surrounded by food and by people who did not want their food sneezed on. My hands were full so I could not even cover my mouth with my sleeve. I managed to contain the explosion, but I think I may have suffered permanent hearing damage from holding in a Titanic sneeze. All those people in the restaurant may not have realized what I did, but I knew. I don’t like to toss around the word “hero” carelessly … but …. well ….


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    1. Oh you ARE a hero Biff… (I’d say even when you don’t have to sneeze… but that’s just me :P)

      We have a term for what you did up here… It’s called an In-tchoum. (the opposite of an atchoum, the actual sneeze)

      Some legends say that it can be lethal though… Which proves how brave it was to hold it in, for the sake of perfect strangers…. And I thought I couldn’t admire you more… 😉

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