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Seriously? You call that customer service?

I’ve been on hold, for 30 minutes, waiting to talk to someone from my bank’s costumer service. I just want to tell them that I’ll be out of the country, so they don’t think that someone is frauding me.

I know it will take about 2 minutes, when I get the line. IF I get it. Someday. Hopefully before we leave… Oh dang, I hope I get it before we come back!! I’ve put the phone in hands free mode, and I’ve been listening to the same lame music over and over and over…

Here’s what I’ve done so far, while waiting;

  • I sorted a batch of clothes I had just washed and put half in the dryer, and the delicate stuff to hang…
  • I’ve folded a batch of dry clothes.
  • I took a bite.
  • I petted Freja.
  • Since I woke her up, I had to feed Freja.
  • I went through my traveling notebook, to check what numbers and adresses I had to add in, in case of any technological mishaps (It’s been known to happen to me… more than once!)

All of that while cursing about knowing that I would get a straight access if I wanted to pay them money!

As I thought… After 48 minutes of waiting, I was online about five minutes to add the traveling notice to both my ATM and credit card, and link the two, so I can access my accounts from either ones.

Virgin Mobile is next.

First things first, I hate calling Virgin, because although I understand they aim a young customer base, their customer service is way too friendly to my liking. Their recorded messages always make me wonder if I called the wrong place and am about to get some extremely costy phone sex!

Ok, surprise (a good one), since there seems to be a bit of a wait, I am about to get the waiting music…. BUT, I get to choose! Holy cow…. Really?? I joke around, but I do find that to be kind of cool from them. At least, if I don’t like the music, I only have myself to blame. So… Soft relaxing music? Na. The other two choices are a good beat, or Holiday music…. Holiday music? In August?? People actually choose that??

I took “good beat” and didn’t even have to listen to a whole song… Again, five minutes, and I am all set for Vikingland.

And now I have no more good reason to stay on the couch.

Back to my to-do list… With “call bank” and “call Virgin” checked!

4 thoughts on “Seriously? You call that customer service?

    1. Oh yeah… The same happens here, when you want French assistance at major companies’ customer service. Once, I waited so long to be answered in French while trying to get in touch with Apple, that I hung up and called back, trying the English cue. I got the line almost instantly, and asked to be transfered to a supervisor to complain about it….

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  1. I feel like this is often the case with banks. We bank with Bank Of America and the average wait time is around 20 minutes, but the most was well over an hour. Also, there is a lot of passing around of the customer when you dial in. Last year I made a call and ended up being transferred 8 (eight) times. I am not sure if this is because people are incompetent, if no-one is held accountable, or if BOA believe that they will grow their client base by pinging each call around the country. The only savior is that many things can be solved online these days, but when the dreaded call is the only option, my blood pressure begins to spike!

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    1. Hahahaha I understand you soooo much. I can see that poor customer service is an international thing 😛 I’d like to point out, though, that a lot of customer service agents do an amazing job, but they’re just stuck with a terrible telephone system that makes the clients angry before they even get to talk to someone…

      Thanks for your visit, I hope to see you again soon in The Cove 🙂


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