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Living a dream I didn’t know I had…

That’s kind of funny. I found out lately that I had what I would call “latent dreams”.

I am in full throttle planin of my up coming trip to Vikingland. I mean, hard core making plans to have fun from day one to… let’s not talk about coming back just yet! Although I can give that impression, I am not a good vacation planner. What I am awesome at, is improvising, but that’s really not a good idea when I don’t travel alone, unless I get carte blanche like I did in February with J.

Chéri is far less adventurous than me. That’s ok, we’re all different. But when you want to travel happy, it is always better to plan things to the likings of the less daredevilish one. You just don’t want your traveling companion to be worried all the time. Kind of sucks the fun out of the trip.

So, I’ve been planin… a lot. In Denmark, things are easy since I am familiar with the cities, the activities and the transportation… Of course, I will not take Chéri on a marathon like the one I set for myself in May 2016. It was my choice to see as many cities as I possibly could, and I want him to enjoy a more relaxing time.

I had to focus more on Sweden. Sweden is big and unknown to me. There are lots of interesting things to experience and see, and I did my best to use the lessons I learned during my previous trips to Vikingland.

Of course, we can’t visit without enjoying some of Sweden’s icons. I have to eat Swedish meatballs at Ikea’s museum, and I am not leaving Stockholm without seeing Nobel’s museum… just to name two. But we’ll also try a couple less touristic things, and no matter what, I know I’ll have fun.

There is Norway too. Which is almost cheating, since we’ll be in Oslo for only one day. Nonetheless, I’ll be able to say I visited Norway, and that’ll be nice in itself. Luckily one more badge to sew on my backpack!

-But what’s that deal about latent dreams, Cyra?

I’m getting to it.

I love water. You want to please me? Take me walking by a river, a lake or the sea! But curiously, I’ve never felt the need to be on the water. I like sailing, I tried it a couple of times, and I know I don’t get sea sick.

But… At one point of the trip, we have to cross the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas. Any Viking (the tv show) fan will get excited at the fact of sailing on the Kattegat sea!! I know I did. And while looking for ferries that could take us from A to B, I found out that we’d sleep on the boat!


Not actually “our” boat, but it should look pretty much the same…


The 5 years old in me just lighted up. Couchettes! I know it is stupid, but I’ve never tried couchettes on either a train or a boat, and although I don’t expect great comfort, I got really excited thinking I could check that off my life experiences list. It felt as if I had always wanted to do it, but I just wasn’t aware of it!

Isn’t that cool? Realizing a dream I wasn’t even aware I had…

How about you? Did you ever do something you uncousciously really really wanted to do, without knowing it before?



22 thoughts on “Living a dream I didn’t know I had…

  1. You will get a great trip again, wish you all good luck 🙂
    I don’t know your budget, but I can tell you, that the travel alone is not expensive. What they live of is the restaurants, as there a plenty of, but they are expensive. They do also have a café, where you can buy food for better prices.
    In Sweden, I will advice you to visit a local restaurant and taste their meatballs, they are handmade. You don’t get same quality in Ikea.
    If you have any questions, please ask and I will answer you best possible.

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    1. Thank you for the informations, Irene! Very appreciated.

      I agree that transportation is suprisingly inexpensive 🙂 We save a lot by using Airbnb too, and eat at “home” as often as possible, which helps the wallet too! I’ll make sure to find a good meatball place in Sweden, you’re making a good point there. I knew the Ikea ones were probably more, hmmm, generic, but it is such an icon here, that I have to try them anyway 😛

      If my memory is good, your family is from the Odense area, right? (I love Odense)

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      1. Nope, but Bornholm is on my future plans… (yes, this is not my last visit to DK hehehehehe) What I’ve seen of the Island has made it a must-see!

        Fyn is such a wonderful part of Denmark, when I went in May, I was blown away by the rape fields, and the lilac trees everywhere… Walking along the river in the center of Odense is also one of my favorite souvenirs…

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      2. Duly noted, thank you 🙂 But I doubt I’ll ever come in high season… I don’t like sharing my Denmark with too many tourists LOL To your knowledge, are a lot of people visiting for the Holidays? Because Christmas is one time of year I’d like to try there someday 🙂

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      3. I don’t know, how many will keep their Christmas at Bornholm, but up to how long time, you wish to stay there, you can order your tickets, hotel etc. in good time and for more fair prices. Remember it can be very cold in the winter.

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  2. Lovely post Cyranny.
    It’s a wonderful concept of living a dream we didn’t know we had…
    I’m just trying to think about one…I’ve always been a big dreamer so they would come through loud and clear. I’ll have to leave it as good for thought in my case.
    I’ll ponder it over the rest of my day 🤔
    And I wish you many happy travels and adventures overseas in one of your favourite places…
    Di 🙋🏻🌹🌹

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    1. Thank you Di 🙂

      I am a big dreamer too. Some people think that dreaming is about wanting to travel around the globe, or climbing the highest mountain, or winning the loterie’s jackpot. But it sometimes is in the little things 🙂 At least for me, it is 🙂

      I wish you to keep dreaming, and to realize as many of those dreams as possible 🙂

      Have a great weekend! xx

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      1. Hello Cyranny,
        That’s a lovely reply…thank you so much. Yes, life has been peppered with many large and small dreams and they have all eventuated.
        This big move to London has been one I’ve held since a teen and it’s coming true in its own time!
        Dreamers unite, I say!
        Wishing you well and hope you also realize many more of yours.
        Until soon,
        Hug from di 🙋🏻💕


  3. Thank you for planting that little ‘seed’ about Denmark in my head. It has always been on my travel list, but not anywhere near the top. Now that husband’s cousin went, and then you’ve been there several times, I take it as a sign that perhaps Denmark should move ahead Belgium (which we’ve already been to but we love their beer so much!).

    I also agree about being near the water in Vikingland. With the pups we won’t be able to go into the big cities anyway since the dachshund hates crowds. I think they’d rather enjoy being in a kayak or running on the beach.

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    1. This is such music to… uh, well.. my eyes!!

      To know that I have something to do with someone getting curious about, discovering and/or getting to love Denmark feels great!

      Let me know if you start to plan a little getaway, I’ll be more than happy to help you 🙂 If you like calm places where the pups don’t have to worry about crowds, and where you can enjoy the outdoor my three best picks so far would be Skagen, Møn Island and the Western tip of Langeland (around Bagenkop) 🙂

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      1. I will be looking into those places! We plan to bring bicycles for day outings. would like to visit a public garden (preferably one where I can buy some plant to bring home), and definitely want to kayak. I like the idea of Skagen being at the very top! I have my eyes set on western Lolland and it seems pretty central for seeing Møn Island and Langeland.

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      2. Bringing the bikes is a great idea! Denmark is a VERY flat country, and is totally bike-friendly. A lot of people choose biking over riding cars all over the country… You’ll fit in with the locals 😉

        I haven’t visited Lolland yet but it seems like a great place to be ables to move around… And maybe then you could tell me about the spots to visit!! I want to go kayaking too someday, and I’d love to go horseback riding. So many things to try…

        Don’t hesitate if you have other questions 🙂

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    1. Oh most definately. Denmark is such a small country in size that you can travel around and get a good feel of hygge and enjoy yourself! It would be a minimum for me, because of the jetlag and the long plane ride to get there, but 10 days would be just fine, especially if you don’t plan a couple of days in the major cities and stick to the country side because of the doggies 🙂

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