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Oh yes, I did.

This morning, even Donald T. couldn’t get more attention than the upcoming eclipse.

E.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y knows it is happening, and tons of people have gone out of their way to watch it. At first I thought… Yeah, mehh. It will only peak at 58% here. No big deal! I’m not going to bother.

But then, tv reminded me of the shoe box DIY project we all tried as a kid. I remembered that we could make those, but I couldn’t recall if I had ever seen an eclipse with it. What if I didn’t have any memory of it because it never happened?


Ok, I was doomed. When my mind wonders “what if”, and I have time on my hands, I can’t escape it!

So I went searching for a box to butcher! I had no shoe box, and no time to go buy new shoes… I kept searching in all the apartment’s closets. And found a router installing kit. I doubt we’ll ever have to put the router in it again… It would be fine.

I reached to Google, who was more than happy to provide me with a step by step box maker tutorial.

There was cutting, cursing, cutting again, and duct tapping involved. And here it is!






I am so crafty!

Now time to jump out of my pj pants, and go out to try it… don’t worry, I’ll put jeans on before I leave!

8 thoughts on “Oh yes, I did.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t know about that technique… I found out watching your video!! It would have been much less trouble, but I always enjoy having the chance to play with duct tape LOL


  1. If you look at your first picture it looks like a box with feel sticking out of the bottom and I had to do a double take for a minute. Hilarious! Did you get to see the eclipse then? I took the kids about an hour north to see totality-it was amazing!!

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    1. hahahahahaha I hadn’t noticed, but it does look a little creepy!! I bet your box can’t stand on its own two feet, can it? 😛

      I did get to see the eclipse, thanks to my extra crafty hands and the help of The Internets 🙂 Now I am ready for the next total eclipse to happen in Montréal, which is on april 8th 2014! I’m keeping my box ready!!


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