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Not-wet t-shirt contest…

Today, Linda and her family were holding the memorial for her deceased son.

In order to honor the young man’s positive spirit and sense of humor, family and friends  went for a hike and then gathered at Linda’s house to exchange good memories about him…

All the guests were asked to wear funny, sarcastic, slightly politically incorrect, colorful t-shirts, since they were Linda’s son’s favorites. A contest is on, to see who could come up with the best T. I am not too sure how the winner will be chosen, but I thought it was a very fun (considering the circumstances) idea.

Ontario is not too far from Québec, but still too far for me to attend the gathering. I did go through my collection of silly Ts anyway, because I wanted to be part of the ceremony, one way or another, even if I never had a chance to meet the young man.

So before the sun rose, this morning, I was posing at work, to send Linda my best shot of the t-shirt I had chosen for the occasion…. And here it is!



Little did I know that I would be displayed on some sort of bilboard during the meeting!

My boobs are going to be famous!

Yeah, that was my first thought…. To my defense, it was darn early, and I do hang out with Mrs Viking, and she likes to talk about hers a lot!

Jokes aside, I do hope my Little Miss Feckin’ Sunshine shirt have brought one or two smiles during the day, helping to go through these sad events.

I sure won’t help with words, since there are none to soothe the loss of a child, no matter his age.

Talking about words, here are Linda’s words about the past days. I think all warm thoughts and prayers are welcome, and if you have a few to spare, I encourage you to visit her own blog, and leave her a kind note!


If only it was a dream



Last minute add-on. I knew we’d get one today.!




A double rainbow just over my house! Just for you, Gorgeous!


4 thoughts on “Not-wet t-shirt contest…

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of you and your friend Linda. From what you describe I think he would’ve loved your shirt and it did make me laugh. A sense of humour is wonderful thing even in the face of death 🙂

    Prayers for you and Linda and her family as they mourn the loss of her son!


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