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Last weekend, my best friend came to Montréal for one of our girls day out. Together, we’re like teenagers on the loose, and this time, we had planned to take a tour of the city on one of those big red London buses. The hop on/hop off rides are very popular among tourists, in many major cities, and we thought there was no better way to get to know Montréal…

I took lots of pictures, and I’m planning on writing a post about our afternoon as local tourists… But the last couple of days have been a bit intense headache-wise, so it’ll just have to wait a little bit.

I still wanted to share this picture, taken from the top of Mount Royal…

My home would be behind the Olympic Stadium, the large spaceship looking building far away on the left 😉

I don’t always realize where I live. And it was kind of cool to look over my city, listening to the foreigners’ Oooohs and Aaaaahhs.

Yeah, Montréal’s a nice place to live!

3 thoughts on “Montréal…

    1. Thank you, Charu!

      I have been waving when the big buses passed me by for years… After trying that kind of tour elsewhere, I thought “why not play the tourist home?” Have you tried that before? 🙂

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  1. Hi Cyranny,
    I understand how fun it is to meet up with friends we grew up with as teenagers.
    I trust you had a wonderful time and it’s lovely to see your city through the eyes of a tourist 😍✨


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