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Appologies to all.

Some time ago, I made a big blogging mistake.

I was offered poems to post in The Cove. It was my understanding that the writer didn’t want to be identified.

Today, it is clear that I should have used a pen name to sign those posts. I should have explained that poems bearing that pen name weren’t mine. I shouldn’t have let anyone believe those words and ideas were mine. There is a lot I should and shouldn’t have done…

I only had good intentions. I love this writer’s words, and I wanted them read by as many as possible. And I was happy to see that many of you seemed to appreciate his work. I always made sure to welcome your good words without commenting back as if the stories were mine. I also tagged all those posts with Syndrome de l’imposteur.

I was once presented with the chance to come clean, when a reader asked me about the weird tag. It puzzled me. Now things seem so simple, but back then it wasn’t and I spent many days thinking about what to reply, time passed, and I simply didn’t answer.

Time went on, and the author, let’s call him Ghostwriter, got second thoughts about the whole things, and wasn’t happy about how things were turning out, for very reasonable reasons.

I removed all poems since.

A few days ago, I was offered another poem to post (Her Photo Album), and I published it blocking comments. But it wasn’t enough… And I recognize it now.

I don’t think I am a bad person, but I am not always the sharpest tool in the box. I hoped that after seeing how you liked his work, Ghostwriter would let me tell you exactly who wrote these words, that touched so many….

I’ve been stupid, while Ghostwriter worked to help me keep a regular flow of posts in The Cove in times I lacked time and/or inspiration.

I also recognize that some of you were drawn to The Cove by Ghostwriter’s words, not mine.

I am sorry.

All the posts still public in the Cove, except the reblogs and a couple of testimonies well identified as other people’s work, are my words and my words only. I’ll keep “Her Photo Album” online, with proper credits to Ghostwriter.

Again, I appologize to all of you for my clumsy, stupid mistakes. To you all, and most of all to Ghostwriter.

I am sorry…

13 thoughts on “Appologies to all.

    1. I won’t go there anymore, that’s for sure. There will be only one Ghostwriter, and probably just this one post left after all that happened.

      Thanks for the advice 🙂


  1. Misunderstanding so easy in the digital world – emoticons barely scratch the surface of expression and understanding that we enjoy face to face, understanding that still often is ‘mis’ – no surprise the digital world is so.

    I sometimes post stuff from others, even youtube/etc – what we post exposes some of us even if it’s ‘not ours’. People drawn to that are still looking through that window …

    I hope what has happened hasn’t irreparably broken any friendships. It takes a big person to apologise, even more so for something unintended.

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    1. Thank you Suze… Just proves that no matter how old we get, we’ll keep making stupid mistakes… At least I’ll try to learn from it, and I hope for the best in the weeks to come.



    1. Thanks… It is just miscommunication. Ghostwriter and I are champions at that! But I say that affectionately, we’ve always managed to work things out so far… I just needed to come clean with this fail on my blog, because it involved my readers.

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  2. Awww…….crap! I hate it when I make a mistake and have to apologize. Particularly when I have to apologize to a large audience. The offense is forgivable and your apology was more than appropriate, though. I hope there are no long-lasting repercussions. I’m certain the rest of your followers love you even more for such a sincere apology because I do. Hugs to you, my friend.

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    1. Thank you Mrs Viking!

      I appologize easily when I know I am wrong. But I hate the feeling of looking like a fraud, and giving a friend the impression that I would deliberately profit from his talent in the process… Good intentions aren’t enough, sometimes.

      Thank you again for the good words… xx *hugs back*

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