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After Eight Moments…


My guess is that the right door is for telekinetic people?  (Tip: “Tirez” means “Pull”)



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11 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

  1. I didn’t understand the word, but I figured out it was probably Pull since the one door had a handle. I chuckled at the fact they used the same word on the other door without a handle! When I read your description of it being for telekinetic people I roared with laughter!

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      1. Cyranny, Other than the smoke in the air (my latest post), I am having a great weekend. I wish I had a picture from a place I lived years ago. It is of the gate and driveway of a cemetery. On the post beside the gate is a sign that says “No Exit”.

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      2. Hahahaha that’s a good one, I hope it was at least half-intented 😛

        Still trying to blow clouds West to bring you more rain… I hope you get well soon! xx

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