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Farewell, Fokker!

Ok, this is totally childish!

I probably have once liked some random KLM page on Facebook (not the childish part yet!) and now I occasionally get news from the Dutch airline… Today I got a new post from them named “Our mission: To capture the Fokker 70 in flight!”.

I started giggling. (yes the childish part starts here)

I did a little research and came upon this article: A fond farewell to Fokker


I figured Fokker was the name of a plane. But still, it made me giggle like a 5 year old. Did you notice? I’ve said Fokker 4 times already…. 5 now!


And you know what? Because of a simple homonym, I learned quite a lot about the Dutch airline company, and about the Dutch aviation pionneer, yes, Mr Anthony Fokker.

Now I wonder how many Fokkers are left to this day. *Giggles* I won’t google that. I don’t want to know… Let me daydream about the Fokkers Reunions and all that Fokker stuff…


Hey, no disrespect, Sir Anthony… I’m just being my childish self. But still… I just gotta say;


Thanks a lot for the good giggles, Fokker!



2 thoughts on “Farewell, Fokker!

  1. We had what seemed like vast numbers of Fokker Friendship’s here when I was a kid – and a lesser number of the Fokker Fellowships. They were noisy Fokkers, Fokker Friendship was a turboprop and Fokker Fellowship a turbofan, and you’d see Fokkers flying everywhere, big airports and regional. I miss the Fokkers in a way, Friendship and Fellowship seemed nice names for aircraft … I’ll always have fond memories of the Fokkers …

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